Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GO Tournament

The tournament is Sunday March 10th. 2013, so you have plenty of time to hone your skills, or if you are not yet a GO player, there is time to learn the game.  Kido Province provides a place to paly, learn or teach the game.  GO is also known as Weigi and Baduk. While there you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes, do tai chi, meditate or simply relax to the soothing music played on the sim.  There is an art gallery there for your enjoyment as well.

Our first visit, we couldn't help but be lulled by the gentle ambiance and captivating landscapes that beckoned one to travel and explore.  Simplicity.  We confess to being totally enamored of the vistas that presented themselves.

Somewhere in the distance wind chimes rang softly in the breeze, the roar of the outer worlds disappeared.  the cracking of the fire and the tiny chimes were our  only companions.

GO board ready to be played, what a great atmosphere to play in.  If you have a genuine passion or interest in the game, you will want to visit this site.   Kido Go Club, Kido Province

This location has been bookmarked in favourites, what a gem. This is one of several locations for players to sit and play.

model is wearing - Paris Metro Couture - Frill of it  - Lt. Green 
jewelry - Elemental - zelda necklace
shoes- Enkythings - Yuja II silver
makeup - NVGG -Feb. EVE group gift
eyes- Reila - Linda
model is Lexie T - Amacci
more pictures on flicr - link on right

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