Saturday, February 2, 2013

Designer Showcase news Amacci is BACK

I received my latest news bulleltin from Designer Showcase  (are you on the mailing list?) and did a back flip, Amacci is back to showcasing a hairstyle in the Showcase, Divas what a sunny break for us.  now we can pick up her newest styles for under 100L.  The style Vani (4 colour pack hair bases included) was perfect for Jennifer (Amacci) who is modeling the classic outfit from Shine by ZD for us today.  Her earrings are from Bonita Jewelry Design.
Her makeup/skin is Jennifer nutmeg Amacci  

What else but classic pearls to compliment the skirt and over blouse from Shine by ZD (also featured in this months Designer Showcase)... we had a dilly of a time finding black stockings for Jennifer to wear, this being a colder season in our part of the world.  Java to the rescue with influence seam stockings, and of course, the wonderful and talented Lindy Modern and Retro provided the Black Pat and white shoes
What have we here. wow a totally look in Flawless.  I have not really been on the sim itself in some time. Divas, you need to check this out.

Style by Kira   *    Lindy    *     Costume Creations this one you will want to
book mark for the  coming months, you may need a costume for a party or two.     *    Unique    *       Orquidea vintage Modern    *   Arm Candy    *
Fulo  (this is a jewelry designer we have long favoured for her style)
Artic Storm      *       A&A        *   Outbreak Fashion Store    *  SHINE     *
AMACCI flawless outlet  you cna hitch a ride from there to the main store.
Live Gam   *    1 Hundred     * and finally I reach my destination... huff and puff, walking non stop in high heels can be murder on a gals feet.

Here we are darling Divas we have reached our destination Designer Showcase, Flawless    Oh lookie lookie, Snowpaws has a glamorous dress on this month. what a hottie.
Designer Showcase has been through a few renovations this past year, what has remained consistent is the owners desire to see that you get the best for your indens. Quantity is not the goal, Quality is Clearly DS (Designer showcase ) is here to stay.  If you've not seen February's line up, taxi over and check it out. 
Then take time to wander the Flawless sim and see all the new buildings, main of the designers are still here, but tucked in here and there you will find a new gem to discover.  The list above is only a sampling of the treasures tucked away on this very remarkable sim.

Naughty and Nice - sugar and spice you'll find it all at Flawless.

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