Sunday, February 10, 2013

day 1 of a new year

There will be Chinese New Year celebrations in Mieville Stevenson: Victorian Steampunk Chinatown,  February 16 thru 24th.  mark your calendars.
Asian textures.

Texworks - textures by Miriam

There are still stalls and ad boards available for rental, I can't wait till the 16th to come back and experience the celebrations.  Also noted that there is a Tiny designer there Ingz  (steampunk outfits)

model - Jennifer T. Amacci    Amacci eyes - Fudge
hairstyle - Embla   Amacci  c/w hat
make up/skin   Dulce Secrets  -Sumrah. Amaretto Beloved
pants - Paris METRO Couture, Satin Aviator -red hot
top -  1 Hundred - uptown retro sweater
earrings - Aurora Borealis -Cartier Deco
boots - "S" Carpe Diem"  Tuxedo Wild leather white

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