Monday, February 11, 2013

Children's Wear Addendum

Since the writing of the first blog on children's wear, we were told that there was a sale going on till Feb. 14th at Vicarious Youth & Vicarious Vitae,  The sale prices are incredible. There was no way I was not going to pass this information along to you.
Again we see that there are boards with items specific for Toddleedoo and
Yabu avatars.  These are also on sale at the most amazing prices we have ever seen for such fashion items.  Even the roller skates are on sale!  Toys, doll house, you name it everything we are seeing is on sale.  I sure hope that this is only a clearance sale, making way for new items.
There are poses available too, and yes also on sale.  Doesn't this look like fun?  

Oh and Mothers, there is an adult section where you can get a matching outfit, if you want a Mother and daughter look. Need I repeat, yes on sale.
Next to the main store, is the boys department.

Sale ends Feb. 14th. 2013  don't wait and miss this event.

Scroll down for the original blog and model details.

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