Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Avatars & Skins

The avatar, our personal image. Skins the visual expression of our "characters" and "personalities.   2 new options for all of us who love to explore the various dimensions of our SL personas.  Whether out to charm, bewitch, capture, or simply to chill, we love to dress the part.

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes,
On landing we saw that Pulse is offering 200 Linden specials for the month of February.  You get both skin and shape for 200 L  -regular prices on non sale items are in the 1200 L range. (amend that I see 7 skin/shapes being offered at this sale price.  There is a wide range of lipsticks being sold and the eye selection is large.  I think I will pick a neutral makeup to take home with me.

Looking for bare feet?  Pulse offers you a mesh pair with color hud to match any skin color and change polish colors.  A nice FREE bag of socks is placed conveniently near the bare feet .  Note in above picture that clothes are also offered at this location.  Both male and female avatars are available, and the skin options are many.
They also provide the full avatar the one on left is for the working career person, looking for the ready made outfit/folder.  On the second level there is jewelry as well as more skins/makeups. Oh Oh " I " spy shoes.

The second location on our tour today is POUDRE Design - HQ Skin & Shape
A smaller shop, it is in a smart modern building on the corner of a city street, with well set out displays for you to view.  Here there is a skin that is being sold at a special linden price, but available only through Marketplace. (99L)

Whitesnow is the group gift.  Pretty.  There are four previously released groups that are on sale 50% off their original asking price.  Newer skins sell for 800 Linden  I found the designers eye makeups very alluring.  Shapes sell for 500 linden, so if you like what you see, the shape and skin are here for you.
The marketplace special skin you will see a picture of it on your right as you enter the shop. 

** Before buying it is always wise to try the demos**  

Wander down the street and you'll find the Murder Dollz night club.  Very sleek. The place must jump at night..  and across from that a huge theatre
called the Opheliac

Now here are the before and after.. before and while I shopped, this is what I looked like.
This is after the shopping- I thought to do only a change of skin, however, looking at the skin on the original avatar, it was lovely, and would have been pleasing, but wanting to see the designers avatar with the skin I changed and found myself looking at a new personality.  She was most compelling, so I've given her voice.

Skin, shape and outfit (zen suit) are from Pulse. ( I bought version 2 ) - skin/shape being offered at sale price!  This outfit comes in a variety of combinations, it is totally multi purpose, You have many options to choose from when you purchase.
Eyes the same as above. 2C -                   Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry   can be worn with just the neck bands, or the collar, we are wearing both.  
Shoes - G.Field
Happy shopping!   very happy with my purchases!! I feel this " model " looks like the actress who plays in Bones, she is the director head of the dept. that the main character works for at the Smithsonian. 

Lighthouse picture on flickr was taken at SWEETHEARTS COVE -Family RP friendly New England Town,  during the photo shoot.

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