Thursday, February 28, 2013

Then and Now

There was a time, when the modern lady, radiant and beautiful, dressed in a manner that covered her from head to toe.  A bonnet/hat covered her long tresses (hair), and her layered clothes respectfully and artfully covered her body.  Fashion designers of the day, used different textures and color to create a vision of loveliness.

A lady learned to move and stand in ways that sent messages with just a simple turn of the wrist, or the arching of her body.  Her charms were played out with finesse.  Her choice of clothes announced her status.
Communication may have been silent at times, but it was potent.  Eyes spoke volumes, the delicate rosy pink of the cheeks and the turn of her lips from pretty pout to slow seducing smile, the arching of her brow.... yes, that was then... another time, another era...

Photo shoot :D, Exquisite

model - POUDRE - Plume
skin - POUDRE -Sandy -MP 05
eyes - POUDRE - (bright) 03
hair - Truth - Hollana - mirage
outfit - SAMSAS - Violet  everything you see except the shoes
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro  - Moira
AO - Amacci Classic

Taking the same model, changing her hair and outfit for a modern look.

Model,skin,eyes,lipstick  - POUDRE   
hair - Alli & Ali (A&A) Bella hair, dark honey
haute couture evening gown - Paris Metro Couture Arun (blue)
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro - Moira (color changing hud )
jewelry N@N@  Carla earrings and necklace  comes with sizing hud

2nd photo shoot -The Cube - Art Gallery (exhibits, events and more)
Today...that same woman, has to find her way in a totally different environment.  Where before, the mystery of what lay beneath the clothes was a lure and temptation... now - can we judge the book by its cover?
more pictures on flickr

Paris Metro Couture
POUDRE link on the right
Lindy Modern and Retro

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

POUDRE & PurpleMoon Creations

You have seen the designer POUDRE in the last few blogs.  We like the product.  Today we finally got around to opening the Valentine - complete avatar. After we finished gaping at the results, we decided that it was time to introduce you properly to this delightful skin and shape designer.  Great product, and good prices.  Total value for your linden dollar. 

This Valentine complete avatar is selling for $800 Linden.  When you look at what you are getting, Shape(well defined (anatomically) - Skin - with all the various cleavage options- a hair style you will get a lot of mileage out of, jewelry that is very classic haute couture, eyes, lashes, and stole you can wear over and over again, and a naughty bikini that is "class".. last but not least. red sexy leg hugging boots.

Photo shoot location #2 Cerridwen's Cauldron  we took a dragon flight and fell from the sky LOL - note to self, don't get off the dragon till it comes back down to settle on its platform.
Same model, hair,jewelry, changed lipstick, wearing POUDRE lip gloss - yellow river, eyes, POUDRE  Bright II 08 - Shoes are Lindy Modern and Retro Khloe, nude, picture will be on Flickr - link on right

The tantalizing ball gown is from PurpleMoon Creations the delicious color is Caramel Correction, every thing about the outfit is elegant and eye candy for the audience it will attract. Look at how the flowers caress and flow like a water fall down the front of the dress.  Beautiful.

Look at the eyes.  From looking at the display you wouldn't know that you would get such depth and clarity. Check them out.  Poudre link is on the right

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To add makeup or not

Newer members in the community have asked,  why add makeup to a skin that already has makeup   It comes down to a matter of preference.  We have known avatars who never change their look.  They find the look they want and they stick with it.  In the summer they may go with the same skin only in a slighter darker shade. ie. tan.  However others who love the whole fashionista and diva world, want to experiment and are constantly trying out new "looks"
We have a buffet of endless possibilities to choose from.

NVious  (NBGG) this skin offers a day to day look that is very appealing, lovely with a natural healthy glow.  To add a bit of flair, we've added a touch of eye shadow and eye liner to bring out the eyes and fill out the lashes  (Face Paint)  This allows the user to not have to change their look, merely to add make up to it, much like one does in RL.  In keeping your original skin, you know that in various stages of undress, your body is always the same, unless you add tattoos.
This dragoon tattoo from designer Esbee.linden is a layer you add on to your skin.  After the event you remove it, like you do an article of clothing.  Same applies to tattoos for other parts of the anatomy.

Earrings and necklace are from Elemental they are the Athena set, gold and blue jasper.  

Hair - (e) Elikatira   Parade black 04  (their sale should run for another couple of days, if you have yet to go, don't delay)

evening gown - this stunning piece of body fitting lace is from Paris Metro Couture  - Reach in teal

Our thanks to Renaissance Galleria - Exquisite Couture and Wedding Venue,
where some of the most elegant weddings in SL take place. (photo shoot)

model & eyes - Poudre - link on right

Paris Metro Couture
Elemental and Nvious on Flawless
[elikatira], Elikatira

Monday, February 25, 2013

Show and Tell

We had such a good day at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM, 8 8  that we are back to check out any of the corners we may have missed.  Not that we missed much yesterday, but one never knows.  Plus it is a good way to ensure you picked up all the goodies you want while it is still on at the "intro" price.  Items change every 8th of the month.  So you still have a few days of shopping left before the items change.

These coats are on sale for $188  U.F.O. Ur Favorite One  the color we will show you, is not the one we intended to show, but the finger clicked when it should have been just looking. =^_^= (it happens)  sometimes to get a truly different look, one shops in the junior miss department.
The photo shoot was taken in NEW YORK CITY - Join at, New York City  while there we read an announcement where the sim is hiring for various positions.  If you know of anyone looking for work, pass it along =^_^= 

            For more pictures, checkout flickr - link on right
model - POUDRE - Plume shape
makeup/skin - POUDRE - Jasmine M.P.02-Ci 01
eyes- POUDRE - Valentine 
Lashes - POUDRE - Valentine
hair - Vanity Hair -Valentine Passion
jewelry - POUDRE
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro -court comes with color hud
coat - mesh U.F.O. neck warmer coat - collar comes with a color hud
pant/trouser - Color Me H.O.F. Mesh - Briston trouser

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Why not? doesn't this look like fun? There is a high and low prim version.  2 water options, optional rezzing lid,tray,steam,bubbles, flowing water, washing animations (singles) wall rack and bath mats. Mesh.

It isn't always  quick in and out when shopping at  COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM  so allow yourself time to wander and try demos.

Easter is just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking of new hairstyles, and maybe a hat.  Glam Affair is offering a lovely spring bonnet in a variety of different colours.
Are you redecorating, in the spring we get to "spring clean" we want something new to brighten up the home.  Trompe Loeil has come up with some rather fun bookcases. Swept bookshelf - dark wood - white wood -white worn wood - blue worn wood

Our model is wearing Ivy Drape Dress -from Nylon Outfitters
Shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro shoes - Blk Pat.Buffy (Flawless)
Jewelry - Ear Candy- Upholstered Little Pillows ( picked up at the WASH sale)
Eyes- Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes -London Fog
Makeup/skin - POUDRE (Dana) T.04 clevage 01-2
Eye Lashes -CaTwa  3D NoAlpha lashes #8
Shape/avatar - Pulse February
hair (e) Rhythm -Black 04

This is one of the pieces we came away with, ColorMe had a top and legging
pants that hopefully you will get to see soon.  ISON has a Detzel Leather Shirt that we got to go with the ColorMe pants.. Mix and match that is the way to go for an individual unique look.  Boom has a neck scarf that is super cool, we added that to the shopping bag too. ^^  more pictures on flickr

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Voodoo Blues

Just how " groovin" does that sound -V o o d o o B l u e s ~ Keeping the BLUES Alive , Voodoo Bayou  A very colorful build, the music is down home blues, you won't be disappointed if you like real blues.  Stores to shop in as well as the music.  When you land, you have the opportunity to teleport to other parts of the Voodoo area.  There is a chapel that we have yet to visit but will before we leave.  If you like free gifts, they have that too.

model today - Pulse avatar -February
makeup and skin - POUDRE - helena - currently on sale at Forbidden Closet
model is wearing the POUDRE - lip gloss -Plumeria
outfit - is  1 Hundred - Mistress X
boots   Loordes of London - Pure Contagion Yo Mama
jewelry - Ear Candy - Geo
hair -(e) Elikatira -Figure - black 5

more pictures on flickr

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty as a picture

This is an expression we've heard probably all our lives,  "pretty as a picture"
well readers, this dress by Contepomi Style gets an A++ in our books.  What a delightful dress.   Truth be told on the vendor board it was pretty, but wearing it is a whole new dimension to the word "pretty"  It is called the 2013 spring dress and is on sale right now at the You're gonna love this sale at Flawless.
There will be more pictures on flickr, so you can see the back of the dress. and the sexy boots from Lindy Modern and Retro shoes  It was do dang pretty, we thought of all kind of locations to shoot it, in the end, we wanted it to be like a" monet,"  shoot location **NM New Mexico Territory ( German Western Speak)** (it is a role play area, stay in the safe zones.)

Model - Pulse shape February  (prev. blog gives limo)
makeup/skin - Poudre - White Snow group gift (see for limo)
Eyes - Amacci - Fudge #5
Outfit -Dress and boots can be had @ Flawless - You're gonna love this sale
Boots - Lindy Modern and Retro  ** main shop and a cart during sale
Dress - Contepomi Style     cart during the sale
hair -(e) Mood - Red 05  (more info. previous blog)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Avatars & Skins

The avatar, our personal image. Skins the visual expression of our "characters" and "personalities.   2 new options for all of us who love to explore the various dimensions of our SL personas.  Whether out to charm, bewitch, capture, or simply to chill, we love to dress the part.

Pulse Skin Eyes & Shapes,
On landing we saw that Pulse is offering 200 Linden specials for the month of February.  You get both skin and shape for 200 L  -regular prices on non sale items are in the 1200 L range. (amend that I see 7 skin/shapes being offered at this sale price.  There is a wide range of lipsticks being sold and the eye selection is large.  I think I will pick a neutral makeup to take home with me.

Looking for bare feet?  Pulse offers you a mesh pair with color hud to match any skin color and change polish colors.  A nice FREE bag of socks is placed conveniently near the bare feet .  Note in above picture that clothes are also offered at this location.  Both male and female avatars are available, and the skin options are many.
They also provide the full avatar the one on left is for the working career person, looking for the ready made outfit/folder.  On the second level there is jewelry as well as more skins/makeups. Oh Oh " I " spy shoes.

The second location on our tour today is POUDRE Design - HQ Skin & Shape
A smaller shop, it is in a smart modern building on the corner of a city street, with well set out displays for you to view.  Here there is a skin that is being sold at a special linden price, but available only through Marketplace. (99L)

Whitesnow is the group gift.  Pretty.  There are four previously released groups that are on sale 50% off their original asking price.  Newer skins sell for 800 Linden  I found the designers eye makeups very alluring.  Shapes sell for 500 linden, so if you like what you see, the shape and skin are here for you.
The marketplace special skin you will see a picture of it on your right as you enter the shop. 

** Before buying it is always wise to try the demos**  

Wander down the street and you'll find the Murder Dollz night club.  Very sleek. The place must jump at night..  and across from that a huge theatre
called the Opheliac

Now here are the before and after.. before and while I shopped, this is what I looked like.
This is after the shopping- I thought to do only a change of skin, however, looking at the skin on the original avatar, it was lovely, and would have been pleasing, but wanting to see the designers avatar with the skin I changed and found myself looking at a new personality.  She was most compelling, so I've given her voice.

Skin, shape and outfit (zen suit) are from Pulse. ( I bought version 2 ) - skin/shape being offered at sale price!  This outfit comes in a variety of combinations, it is totally multi purpose, You have many options to choose from when you purchase.
Eyes the same as above. 2C -                   Jewelry - Bonita Jewelry   can be worn with just the neck bands, or the collar, we are wearing both.  
Shoes - G.Field
Happy shopping!   very happy with my purchases!! I feel this " model " looks like the actress who plays in Bones, she is the director head of the dept. that the main character works for at the Smithsonian. 

Lighthouse picture on flickr was taken at SWEETHEARTS COVE -Family RP friendly New England Town,  during the photo shoot.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GO Tournament

The tournament is Sunday March 10th. 2013, so you have plenty of time to hone your skills, or if you are not yet a GO player, there is time to learn the game.  Kido Province provides a place to paly, learn or teach the game.  GO is also known as Weigi and Baduk. While there you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes, do tai chi, meditate or simply relax to the soothing music played on the sim.  There is an art gallery there for your enjoyment as well.

Our first visit, we couldn't help but be lulled by the gentle ambiance and captivating landscapes that beckoned one to travel and explore.  Simplicity.  We confess to being totally enamored of the vistas that presented themselves.

Somewhere in the distance wind chimes rang softly in the breeze, the roar of the outer worlds disappeared.  the cracking of the fire and the tiny chimes were our  only companions.

GO board ready to be played, what a great atmosphere to play in.  If you have a genuine passion or interest in the game, you will want to visit this site.   Kido Go Club, Kido Province

This location has been bookmarked in favourites, what a gem. This is one of several locations for players to sit and play.

model is wearing - Paris Metro Couture - Frill of it  - Lt. Green 
jewelry - Elemental - zelda necklace
shoes- Enkythings - Yuja II silver
makeup - NVGG -Feb. EVE group gift
eyes- Reila - Linda
model is Lexie T - Amacci
more pictures on flicr - link on right

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kiss of the spider

Kiss of the spider - note the detail of the spider tattoo on the right shoulder blade.  Strategically placed to move with your movements, giving it a very realistic look. You will be a temptress from behind as well as coming towards your prey.    Paris Metro Couture 

This is a dress that you can accessorize with diamonds, rubies or pearls, we chose to display it on its own.  The cut, the textured fabric oozes with sensuality, you will be a walking goddess of the night.  A siren, a vixen, this is not an outfit for the mild and meek. It comes complete with formal net gloves.  Open fingers so you can show off your talons. =^_^= 

These pictures were taken at the Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom a lovely place  it bills itself as  Home of Southern charm and gracious Southern hospitality. Cobblestone streets and antebellum shops, flank the Grand Ballroom. Located in the historical Battery!Stroll the path, to dance under the star  *note it is a featured event place 
Make up/skin-NBGG - Tula 003
model/avatar- Makara -External Appearances
Eyes - Mayfly- Deep Sky - dusky Hazel

If you like to dance in a romantic period ambiance it just might be the place for you.  

 Charleston Lace Romance Ballroom~Jazz, Romance, and Dancing,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Feb. 17

Since our model was kind enough to work over the week-end, we have more pictures to share with you.
outfit is from Kakia Designs - now at the cart sale on Flawless.
shoes - from Inverse - Vegas, the shoe is a mesh, and comes with a colour changing hud, for adjustment of skin tones as well as the shoe texture colour possibilities.
There will be more pictures on Flckr (link on right) where you can see how the necklace being worn shows in different lighting. (Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry)

Here we are at another MadPea Production - Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt by MadPea,  the hud to do the hunt is 50 Linden.  
Note the earrings same as above, only the metal, bead and gemstone have been changed - a really great buy for the lindens they will cost you.  The outfits and jewelry, are at the You're gonna love this sale - Flawless Sim

Check out the kinky shoes, again from Inverse, because of the hud that comes with the shoe, we are able to colour the socks and the top of the shoe, giving us this short black boot look, the flower colour can also be changed, we left it to blend with the wedge sole Inverse - Inside -homes,plants, landscaping,shoes -mesh

outfit, mini Lyrical Bizarre templates - Whiz
skin/makeup for both sets of pictures - NBGG: NVious - Tula 004  
 both on sale at the cart sale on Flawless NOW.

Hairstyles are from (e) (see earlier blogs)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunny Saturday Feb.16

Elikatira - Retirement Sale
This is one sale that I have been going back to, time and time again.  It is a great sale, the hair styles are a must if you are a hair junkie.  Prices are excellent. I have picked up several styles and will get a few more. [elikatira], Elikatira  Sale runs till February 23.  Try not to miss this event.  All items are 70% off regular price.  Once the sale ends, these items will no longer be available.
Long hair is so in right now.
You can't open a fashion magazine, or watch a television show these days without seeing long hair.
The place is jumping every time I come. Old and young,  There is one in these two top strips that I won't be able to leave without it.  hmmm maybe two ^^
Ok, you want to see more, grab the limo at the top of this blog and get on down here.

Now what have we here... let me tell you.  This is our model Abigail R.icielli 
helping us see if we can fit this wonderful fireplace (Pillows & Things) into the studio.  Guess what, it is just too big for our space.  This beauty is on sale (50L) at the You're Gonna Love this SaleFLAWLESS ~ SKINS & SHAPES ~ FASHION - STYLE BY KIRA
Abigial showing us a bit of drama - tired from moving the fireplace =^_^+
Lets see if we can give you a closer look at the wonderful estate jewelry  she is wearing from  designer (Beloved Jewelry) there are earrings available for this necklace.Her outfit btw is from :NBGG: Chanel Shopper (boots are included), the darling hairstyle is from Elikapeka

If you are in the market for a new shape, External Appearances has a lovely shape here for her 50 Linden special, Markara (photo provided by merchant)
The skin being used with this shape is Style by Kira  the designer provides you with all the details you require for the look that you see here.

Have a terrific day shopping!