Saturday, January 19, 2013


Usually on weekends I like to "bum" around, but Q was out last night with DrJ and it seems the two of them cooked up a little surprise for me.  I found some new clothes waiting for me in my inbox.  I admit to being unable to resist trying the pants and sweater on.  Of course, that led to picking out shoes, and deciding how to wear my hair.  Nothing would do then, hmm maybe earrings would go with the gold belt.  Ladies you know how it is, one step leads to another and voila. You are all dressed with no where to go.
Outfit - pants and kabel crop sweater are from Paris Metro Couture
Shoes are from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes - the Chloe
Shape, skin,eyes,make up and hair - Amacci
Earrings -Elemental -Circular Fusion II
This outfit is also available in black, but I choose to wear the red because red is not always an easy colour to accessorize.  Amacci in the fat packs offers a wide range of colours.  Except for maybe one or two, the way the designer at Paris Metro Couture has shaded and textured the sweater, it looks great, whether you are in the blonde shades, brunette or redhead. (Satin Aviator pants, Kabel crop sweater)

The hairstyle itself is pure gold, it can be worn classic, retro, evening, or casual  ( Amacci Gloria - pearl Platinum)

Did you know that Paris Metro Couture, teams up with Entertainers in SL and offers up some very cool venues for you to enjoy.
There is a concert at 1PM SL time with the lovely Ceci Dover   There will be a guest gift   

Collectors alert to in store specials -Paris Metro Couture

Red hunt news - Pimp my Valentine Hunt  Jan 15 - Feb 15th.
if you are on their group list, you even get a hint on where their item is...
Maybe it is time to hightail down to the shop and sign up.  Paris Couture, France   This is the addy provided to joing their VIP Group  -they ask that you copy and paste this link. (or search groups, Paris MetroVIP)
to join Paris Metro Couture VIP group

OK. Time for this lady in red to shuffle off to  ......=^_^= 

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