Friday, January 4, 2013

Travel destinations

With the weather dipping to the -15 and -30 with windchill factors, its time to think of
warmer, balmier places to be.  During the day with the sun bright in the sky, the walk across the almost knee high snow to replace feed in the bird feeder was rather musical with the crunch and squishing of the snow under my boots.  The birds squawked their frustration at my slowness in tending to their needs.  The fresh air was rather refreshing for the short time I was out there.  However, by the time I was rounding the  house back to the warmth of my office, my mind was already  wondering where in SL I would travel to.  I recalled a blog I did some time ago from Echo lake and thought I should see if it was still around.  Lucky for you.  It was..
The attention to detail will assail your sense as soon as you arrive, not only the visual, but the auditory sounds of nature will encapsulate.  You will feel the stress drift away.
WE all need to chill and relax away from the day to day.  As much as I love shopping, I do need time to recharge.  How I'd love to spend some tie just swinging here drinking in the gentle breeze off the water.
Ah, I see that the location - Malaika Park, Echo Lake  also offers not only spectacular views but shopping (Mullholland, Blue Barons Art emporium and LooLoo's, must go and see if I can find the shopping area, hard to tear myself away from this tranquility.  (sigh) a Roo's job is never done.  Oh darlings, they have rental homes here!! wonder if they do vacation rentals, (short term).. Something to look into.  This is the club house..

The two culpirts for this wonderful locale are Leroy Voorthees and Darren Dionysus. their shop is Dog Days Designs, where they build prefab homes and furniture.  Note.. this is a sim that has been carefully crafted to give the guest privacy, its romantic settings are very hard to resist.  Visit alone or bring a friend... you'll spend a lot of time, going, Wow,

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