Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Body Co -The Warehouse

50% sale - January 12 - 31st - hosted by The Warehouse.

THE BODY CO 50% OFF SALE!, theWarehouse  wear comfortable shoes, rest your digits, this is a big warehouse, and there is a lot to see.  I bought some of these skins way back, trying to remember what they sold for.  They are selling for 500$L, I particularly wanted to try India.  Let me look around a bit more.
I see clothes down in another area, must check that out. BTW male and female skins are available as well as bodies/shapes.  Ah this is better, there are skins here for 100$L mmm I like, I like, there is some very nice makeups.
This look appeals to me, I know its not for everyone, but it could be a lot of fun with the right outfit.
There are a lot of men here, obviously the line for men is a known one, and well patronized  The merchandise( clothing) being offered, is priced at 100$L
Shoes, handbags, this place seems to have it all.

Of interest is that most of the designers (there are a number of them) have been around SL for a very long time.  If you decide to check this place out, I'd love to hear from you.  These coat dresses are classics, for 100$L  the place is immense, you may want to put bread crumbs down so you can find your way back to the front of the shop.

Today's model (Amacci Lexie) is wearing Amacci eyes-Winter big,makeup/skin is (Eat Paste) Noelle -sunkissed,  Hair - Truth - Sam with roots -barley
Tattoo - Stars Fashion, Poncho, pants, and boots

Happy Shopping!

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