Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skin-Hair - Junikie-

If you are not a skin + hair addict, then you can pass on this edition.  Only if you are always wanting a new skin, or hairstyle, tempted by a new face, driven to check out new designers, new sources, then come into my web said the spider with a smile.  Did I mention wicked Tattoos ^^
DrLife Asian&Ethno modifiable Skin&Hair

This shop has an amazing selection of skins and hairstyles that would really fit in with the many different role play sims.  How this place has escaped me till now is a mystery.
Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I have taken pictures of the marketing vendors so you can see the variety presented.   There are two floors at this location, I will check out the main shop.DrLife Main - Skin/Hair - Classic Life Style,
At the main store, there is skins on sale, body/shape is included.  Join the group and you get a Honey toned skin and a lovely long black hair do.  LOL I learned about this place at an air show today (Tiny Outpost), the designer even sells a small SR-71 Blackbird and YF 12A Interceptor (US air force) 
This is one that interest me.  A10 Thunderbolt  - Royal Air Force
I'm thinking planes could become another addiction.  OMG what business does a plane have being in a  hair and skin shop?
If you want to see the planes, take the second limo provided, they are here at the main shop in Sylvhara. Or if you are a Tiny there is an airfield @ Tiny Outpost.    Tiny Outpost! Tiny Wings Airfield and Hangers!
In the end darlings it is up to you.  There is a selection here that can really go a long way to giving you that "unique" look.  I am of Asian background, and this is my look.  outfit - Paris Metro Couture, shape,skin,eyes,hair Amacci
Our individuality is what shines and makes us Divas =^_^=  n'est pas?
Earrings and necklace - Bonita Jewelry

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