Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shopping Destinations

Being around "biggies" as we Tinies refer to the human avatar, I made a mental note yesterday to get myself a T shirt that declared my presence.  My Roo brain was on over drive sorting through my data banks (brain).   Light bulb Wild Bunneh's Gear

And Note please, Wild Bunnah's Gear is offering this uni sex outfit FREE,  You might want to go to the bank first though, this is the shop that I like to buy my hair styles at.  There is a wide variety oh his and her fashion in this shop all at very reasonable prices.

Across from Wild Bunney's Gear, was perusing Shakes (Shakespeare Shamrock) inventory of planes.  Now that I've seen some of the aerial photography taken in SL, I want to learn to fly.  I see that there will be a need for me to actually consult with Shake and a few pilots before I make the jump. There is a lot to pick from.
If you fly or know someone who does I would love to speak with them.  Hmm note, I a lady flier, not interested in a fighting combat plane.  Would ike to know is there a difference flying Tiny or regular size planes?
INGZ boutique   still has Xmas and Holiday goodies out, now is the time to grab them before they  get put away till next year.  In fact, I see that Ingz is the vendor who is selling the wonderful Santa's coming to town hat, where you touch Santa's gift bag and get a candy cane, how cool is that?  Can't wait to see what the new items will be, this is a creative designer.

Tucked next to Ingz is Z & Z Tiny Outfitters, take a run up the ramp =^+^=
and just before the well known Willow Creek Tiny Outfitters  is Denimore Designs.  I'm usually on the run when at the TO, but today I made my way into the shop, cuz there was a dress in a frame that I found totally delightful.
I haven't had my ferrets out for some time, this tiny lavender dress complete with hat is stunning.    Mod and copy.. look at the great price!
Tiny Outpost is where a lot of new comers visit, actually they come to the sim to search out bargins at Enky's Dollar Store.  They can't resist the lure of the Tiny Outpost and many once they come down and through into the streets and our little community are enchanted, and want to know more.

A must know is where to find the wonderful Wynx Avatar, well right here at Tiny Outpost is one of the satellite shops.  Right next store to the left of WynxWorks it another shop a Tiny cannot live without, Abranimations for Tinys  Yes, the one and only, the same Abranimations you see all over SL.
This shop is exclusively for the Tiny Wynx avatar.
This little trip has landed us in the town square. Kangaroo Fashions on the left, WynxWorks on the right, then Abrnimations, you can see there is a wonderful flying machine where at one time you could rent a ride over the TO.
Must see if that is still happening.  The Bunnah Blimp an seat up to 4 Tinies.
Wow a fun activity to do with friends.  Next to Lil'Verse,  is the ever so delightful Hippo shop  .. for all you Funny Bunny fans his shop is down around the bend,  Funny Bunny @ Tiny Outpost  I purchased myself the Tiny Medieval Lyre, from me to me =^_^=  Really Chaffro, a skeleltal butterfly diva dress, complete with hat toooo cool.  If you have yet to discover Funny Bunny do yourself a favour, check it out.

Here are some of the other merchants in the Mall..  Tines Rock where you can find clothing for your quad avartar.  Precious Liddell, which you will find more on in previous blogs.  Forever Tiny this charming boutique has been around a long time, simple elegance, always in style.  Tinny Ruffles  period drssess and outfits you will find very hard to resist.  New to Tiny Outpost, please take time to check out the variety being offered by this creator. OH I spied a free outfit from the lady ''claire linem and it looks very similar to the one I had my Roo eyes on. - (does a quick bit of buying)  Isn't it the cutest!

OK I'm having far too much fun and this is getting to be a novel.  Quickly cuz you can't miss these shops. GG's Designs -OMG Gertie will the Fall Queen Gown with the crown, fit my Roo.... OMG OMG, it is only $150... girlfriend, wow... oh I'll have to try to catch you online.  Then there is an area for the Loco Pocos of SL, yesh we have not forgotten you.
Duggy Bing's Cartoonimals  this you have to see for yourselves.  the cutest of cute.
Pinky's Precious Petals
Arizona's Fashions - another shop that just rocks!
Greenwood Homes, furnishings and Curiosities
Tiny Love we have all seen the bird avatars that make us all go WOW
Oh great MISHMISH is here - footwear and accessories that can be bought as gifts.. good to know.
Tiny Trotters - now this is interesting face armor for your four footed friend.
Tiny Poke Tiny Pony Tack and Saddle  hmm these last two merchants have me looking through my inventory for my ponies.
Ok I've tried to give you as many of the shops as I could, thanks for being patient with me.  I apologize for any I've missed.
This limo will take you to Tiny Outpost - EasyNut Lane  (lol easy there)

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