Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Role play - Realm of Estara

Role play is a topic that has come up more than once.  So today, we visited Realm of Estara to see what it was, and if it would be a possibility to explore.  Many readers have entered the themed sims, but many have not.    Because when you land, you are in a "courtyard" where you can purchase or get free the proper attire to wear when in role play, there is not much of the sim itself to be seen the landing.  However, they provided you with a LM so you can return, after you have read the note card that outlines the required behaviour, rules etc.  What pleased me to read, it is not a Gor sim.  Yet it is medieval and you have multiple choices when planning your character.
This is the area you go into from the courtyard that will TP you to role play area.

The note card is very well expressed, therefore I will simply cut and paste sections of it for you to read.  

• Welcome to the Realm of Estara! This is a fully immersive Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay Sim where the goal is to give roleplayers a friendly, helpful and top quality environment to roleplay in.  

• Estara is set in an imaginary medieval kingdom that is "Europeanesque" in style.  Please read our attached backstory and consider working it into your character's personal story. 

• New to the Sim? You can roleplay for up to one week without filling out a character card as long as you are using an approved race on our list!  Please don't role play any magic or special abilities until your character card is approved.  You also need to wear the appropriate Sim Group Tag and medieval/fantasy clothing in our In-Character Areas.

A template for your character card is provided.  Here are some of the possibilities  >  Humans........Aasimar.......Vampires.......Orcs.....Half-orcs
Half-elves........Elves and the various types of elves are many
Haflings......Dwarves......Gnomes.......Dragonborn........Dragons (small sizes only)......Ogres.......Goblins  and the list goes on, pick up the notecard to see all the numerous choices you will have.
My suggestion is if you are interested, you go into the actual role play area to actually experience what it is,so that you can decide what character you think you would want to play.  There is also a form you can fill out should that character turn out to be not what you want, and you want to try something else.
If you area builder, you might want to see if this is a good market for your wares.  The area seems to be well organized, and thought out.  Maybe you are looking to expand your horizons in SL, meet new friends, this could be just what you are looking for.
Realm of Estara, -Role Play     Bonne Voyage, Safe Journey

This is an avatar we met on our way out, isn't he a magnificent "beast", he is Ram, a Cerberus.  Guardian to the gates of Hades

Roving assignment reporter is  Ylang Ylang (the Body Co.)  her make up is Style by Kira  - Olivia Skin  Hairstyle - Ploom - Shoes - Enkythings, Sulaco
Jewelry - Elemental - Zelda  -   Outfit Lima Trenchcoat Gisaci , Eyes Amacci

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