Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving Day shopping and more MadPea

Just because it is moving day, won't stop me from doing the last two locations
of the MadPea hunt, I have found it to be such an interesting adventure, not so much for the task of finding the envelopes but rather the discovery of new and wonderful shops and sims.  Not to mention all the fun people you meet or hear on the hunt (via the hunt group chats).  This was my first time to use a hud for such an undertaking.  
Mesh Depot, found in the second last stop on the hunt, perfect for checking out accessories for decking out my new digs.
I've landed in The Courtyard - for your furniture, house and garden needs, Clarington Park -  Mesh Depot is one of the stores around the Courtyard.
L'aize Dayz has a great oversized beach towel for only $35 L with 6 relalxing poses.  Nice if you are just starting out. The directory shows that there is nice diversity around the Courtyard.. Inspired  - Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Barkley Glass Designs - Shabby Tabby  -  Creations Kitchen - Lumiere -Persnickity - Spargel & Shine  - House of Spheres Valentines day is coming, there are a couple of very cute cards in this shop -  % Percent retro and Vintage - Storaxtree (check out the vintage radio) EED  Exquisite Eye Decoartions   Sorry for any stores I missed, but so much time was spent exploring, I now must dash off to the last location in the MadPea Hunt
OMG I'm back at the  MadPea Carneval, MadPea Base LOL I just saw Tipsy running up the steps.. better chase after her..
The little "Tiny" runs fast and furious, she shot up those stairs like lightening.
I will follow in a more demure fashion..Q would have been flying after her, (shakes head)  hmm having arrived wonder what I do?
I think this creature is beckoning me, but I think I'll move along thank you.
Where did Tipsy go?  Sigh I am likely on my own.. Time to perhaps say adieu for now to MadPea.  Thanks for the fun "gals/guys"

Skin, Shape, Hair, Makeup, Amacci
Footwear - Lindy modern/retro
Jewelry -N@N@  Michelle
Top - Sassy!  Poet shirt gold
Leggings -   1 Hundred   warm me up

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  1. Oh Man! I would have totally stopped & said hi! LOL! :D I run fast! (Tipsy...that's me!)