Saturday, January 12, 2013

More MadPea exploring

A bit of a break and its back to the MadPea hunt, at this stage, I'm more into the discovery of new places.  I've been to places I would not have found on my own. The Cube - Art Gallery (exhibits, events and more  This is a very interesting art gallery. Every floor offers a different "venue"..  I was so sure when I found the above art, that I would find a letter.  I didn't.

* Just BECAUSE * Clothing - Quality Clothes for Men and Women, Taupo  Had to check out the Freebie section.  Very upscale, nice decor, comfortable, lots of places to hang, and just visit while you shop.  The Goddess Apparel shop was one of my favourite areas I liked the variety, and interesting perhaps older theme pieces.  Spice. ////ah there is a Goddess Lounge, have to come back when there is entertainment and dancing.  note- Just Because and Goddess Apparel are linked but separate shops.
Boots - Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes -  Calaleigh 
Shape, Skin(Nuiko), Eyes (Fudge), Hair (Thor) and AO - Amacci 
Leggings - 1 Hundred    warm me up - olive       Top - 1 Hundred 
Gloves and Poncho - Bubble's Designs
Clue # 10 brought me to this lovely location. Carries Dream  hmmm where to start looking.  Might have to check out some of the lingerie,stockings, and such, looks like quality merchandise.  Even have dance wear, oh and finally a place for thongs and garters.

If you missed it this is the starting point for the Room 326 Hunt... take the dare, try it.  Room 326 Hunt by MadPea, Hoshi Island
more pictures on flickr -link on right

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