Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Mad Pea & useful information

On the trail, AloToi is still on the MadPea assignment, thinking to give her a wee break I thought I'd catch up with her.  Oh she was slaving away all right
catching up on her reading.  Exodus to the Virtual World, by Eward Castronova  (Online fun is changing reality) he is the author of Synthetic Worlds, the Business and culture of Online Games.  This book takes a groundbreaking look at the pursuit of fun online and its radical transformation of our economy, our society and our reality  (palgrave macmillan)  She has had her nose in that book for weeks now.

This MadPea production game is not only a lot of fun, but if you love exploring in Second Life, this is the game for you, it takes you to a variety of other sites that fun, chock full of creative visuals.  Today, we discovered Parameshvara, OK it wasn't lost, but thanks to Mad Pea we landed here, Alo on her search and I in turn looking for her.
Image Essentials Free to Use Photo Studios  You can wander on your own, but a FREE Image Essentials TP Hud is available that will take you to the many locations for photo shoot back drops.  There are  9 land locations and  3 themed sky boxes.
Oh oh, Alo is contemplating whether or not this cage will hold a kangaroo..
I think I'll leave now, and let her get on with her hunt.   This is a hunt everyone, the envelopes are not just lying out in plain sight for you.  Enjoy the chase, but make time to play along the way.  That is what life is all about. "Q"

[01:20] Killa Hurricane: Hi, welcome to Image Essentials.  This is a free to use public photo studio but you MUST be in the group to be able to use the props so I'm sending you an invite to the group.  If you have one already... opps.... facepalms LOL  We have a specially made Teleport Hud you can wear to get around the sim... grab one from the big sign by the tree, otherwise use the teleporters on the ground.  Don't forget to check out the great pose stores on the SW of the sim. We run almost entirely on donations so if you feel inclined to do so it is much appreciated.  Enjoy your stay and feel free to spread the word

PS there is a MAN Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Hunt jan 7- jan 23 2013

Madpea Legend of the Month - room 326, will end January 31st. - see previous blog for the starting point this this hunt.

Styling card -  Amacci - shape.............Style by Kira - skin..............Mayfly eyes
                              sYs - shirt, sarouel, and footwear
                             ALB Antie coat
                             Hair - Vanity  hair
                             Glasses - NewYear gift from Caryn Ashdene

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