Sunday, January 13, 2013

More exploring

I suspect we are getting into more ambient surroundings, the trick will be to search out The Slums -shops and surrounding area  I've started in Redrum's main store, tattoos,clothes, blood and bits.
Anyone looking for unusual tattoo,Katattoo - down the road from Redrums has  a nice selection.  The owner also will do custom work.  This is a big sim, I even found an Akeyo outlet (dance animations).  I wish I could list all of the shops I saw that interested me, this is an area that is worth a visit if you are tired of the same old, same old.. and want to experience new designers.
.:: Distorted Dreams::. & [Eat Paste] , Epic Sanctuary   is the next stop on my journey, now this looks interesting.  (there will be more pictures on flickr,
link is to the right)  ** found a gift box  ( skin )($1 l) there are actually 6 skins in the box) find your way to the counter inside the main shop. Lucky chair with a great pair of shoes, unfortunately not my letter.You might be lucky ^^
Like today's look?   Amacci - hair  Leon, ash blonde, tried the new Linda also a short cut, but found that the Leon gave me the fuller look I wanted.   Both are sexy and sassy.
Also -Amacci - skin- Nuiko (nutmeg) lip tattoo - Liane (nutmeg 3), eyes - Fudge 9
Earrings - Bonita Jewelry - Spring white
Watch - Magnifico - miracle
Ring - Take my heart  Chop Zuey
Mesh Dress -  r2 A/D/E mettalic in copper,  I luv luv luv this dress!!!! the detail, the fit muah!
Knee High boots - r2 A/D/E
You can see that this next place will take awhile to explore.  There is actually a Boudoire for Petites, the Burlesque has to be interesting too.   I think I will take my leave now so that I can
check all this out.  Happy hunting and good luck.

COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM, 8 8  wow its been awhile since I've been to this shop, they actually have houses now!  you can click a sign to teleport to the full size display version!  Hot dog!  I liked this too..
OK guys you might have to contact the designer re the dress I'm wearing, I thought it would be
at Collabor88, but I do not see it.  However, I found a lot of other goodies, check it out!

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