Thursday, January 24, 2013

minus 23 and counting

Time to shop - it is cold outside, and I intend to get my shopping fix in. I've had this landmark beckoning me for some time, time to visit. NoR: The Outlet Sales Room  ah tres jolie,  oh I'm happy, I see some of my favourites are here.  I  Hundred  is offering a mesh corset and a top.  The corset is very sexy and will look lovely paired with black leggings or the new slim leg jeans.
Demos are offered.
Please try before you buy.  Le fil casse also offers 2 choices
Other designers you'll find, are Iron Tiger Jewelry, offering a variety if colours in their Camo line.
Beyond the Stars  has a couple of 2 piece items for those of you still in the warmer climates.
Greymoon  has a classic sweater top with slacks - The Greymoon logo is very appealing  to the eye, different. small work of art.
Candy Metal is another new shop for me, they have a very sassy mini dress
that comes in a white that I like and a red for that special valentine outing.
Sassy  you all know I wear a lot of Sassy. There are three  outfits and very distinctive in look.
Zombie Suicide is presenting an Ivy skin that I really most consider, what a fabulous skin for the fall, or a Goth themed event.  The other skin offered, Vanity, comes complete with the shape and prim lashes.
Liv Glam has a selection of very fashionable items for you, four in total, very diva glam.  You know Liv Glam from Designer Showcase.
Mystic Canvass for al you fellow skin junkies is offering up  skin calleld Tevy.
2 different cup sizes for $100.
If you join the Outlet gifts there are some very nice group gifts for you.  Something to consider.  The items I looked at are $100 or under.  I have only listed a few of the designers there are more,  You own't find yourself at a loss for new items to peruse.

Taxi is up in the first paragraph.  Isn't this a nice chair, Prism Furniture and more  has a couple of chairs on display.  I bought the brown leather beside this one. 
Outfit is from  + Lika Ruby from the shop I was at the other day.
Shoes are  R 2  Mana
Jewelry - Miemaya -Mika green
Shape,skin,eyes, hair all Amacci

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