Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mad Pea - Room 326

Why do I torment myself.  For over  an hour I've tried to find a way to get started on this hunt, finally I'm considering giving up.  I bought the hud, but I can't even do the first thing that is asked..   Where is the little fox when I  need her. (Eileen)
The story  line goes like this.  15 people have gone missing after staying a night in the Silent Peacock hotel.  They all stayed in Room 326.  Local police are left clueless, and have not idea where or what to do next.  The players take on the role of private investigators.
The room looks innocent enough, but you have to find your way into the room first.  The game planners don't make it easy, you need to use all of your gaming skills to examine the evidence and search for the truth behind the disappearances.
The ultimate goal is to find 15 envelopes in grid wide locations eventually taking you to the final game play area where you will be rewarded with 15 high quality prizes
Time for a bit of a break and some thinking time.  Do you dare enter the hotel and test your skills. Here is your taxi Room 326 Hunt by MadPea, Hoshi Island 
OH bring an umbrella..LOL and your calming pills.......
GOOD LUCK............happy hunting............cya in the funny farm!

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