Sunday, January 20, 2013

Low Prim decorating

Whether inside or out, when looking to create a comfortable, welcoming interior or trying for the right "curb side" appeal, we are always looking for low prim count.  Since I am actively on the prowl these days, I thought I'd share some of the shops that I have come across with you.
Organica Specialty Trees - plants gardening landscaping

Landscaping and Gardening materials for Asian, boreal and alpine environments, ground cover, furniture, 

mesh, sculpted trees, sculptie, sculpty, bonsai, japanese, natural, maple, oak, fountain, water, furniture, flowers, low prim, garden, valentines

They have a broken gas pump which I would  love to have a place for.

This next place, I have shopped at before, and have always found the  product to be of a quality that I want in my  personal space. In fact both Q and I just bought the baby grand piano.

PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store LOW PRIM Furniture,
NEW DESIGNS JUNE 2012! All Designs 100% Original (By Low  Prim Furniture Store, We Mean 1 Prim Furniture! )  We go above and beyond with every product. There is nothing in SL like it. Virtually everything  has a texture changer  and  100s of options.

This next place is for readers who are interested in Asian themes in or around the home.  There are other places, but I found the quality here to be a cut above.  Plus it supports the Buddhist community here in SL.
Buddha Art Shop Buddhas Meditation Windchimes Asian furniture

The SculptyWorks, was a new discovery for me.  When I landed I was a bombarded with a courtyard of furniture. 

SculptyWorks - Makers of low-prim and 1-prim furniture plants home ship yacht and full perm builder packs! We have sculptie trees flowers foliage for your house or commercial landscaping. Prefab log homes cabin treehouse sofa couch chair Egyptian decor

BTW I heard someone asking in chat the other day, where they could get mega prims,  there is a box of 7000 being offered FREE here.

Happy Shopping

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