Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Living with a Tiny

By now most of you know that my partner in this venture is Qyhat Harbour, a lovely person, she really is, however, she is a Tiny.  Now what does that matter, or mean you say (in all innocence), let me tell you.  We are both very professional, and probably type A personalities., right there, our partnership makes it a challenge.  However, add to the mix that Q is a full fledged Tiny and thereby lies the problem (as I see it)  BTW she knows that I am venting right now, and her reaction... ginormous hilarity. ROFLOL,  WE are experiencing one of our busiest times with Long Dash Studio, (thanks to you all) and I had need to move. (as reported yesterday)   So what does she do, gives up her home, and relocates to another community making us both "very" busy and unavailable while we settle in.
Here she is pondering on how to accessorize the home so that she can find it.
"You can set it to home Q"  goes in one ear and out the other ear.  Must be why Kangaroo's have such large ears, makes for an easier in and out. She took a walk around her new community and got lost.  By then she had set the house to home, BUT, no she wasn't going to use that convenience because
she felt she should easily camera around and find it.  Find it and getting there is not the same, since she had nothing to connect with in the house yet.
Tines are adorable, they make people smile, no matter what.  They are actually darlings, and will do anything to help another member in their group, and to be fair, actually to anyone needing help.  Most are artistic or musical, some are the salt of the earth practical, and others (like someone we know) are simply off the wall, not type A personalities but triple A's 

The home is a Linden Lab structure in an SL community for Premium members,  I suspect for people like myself (biggies)  Q is about as tall as a minute.  Tiny always have to look up .. has to be hard on the neck.

I do love this dress of hers, she made it out of a vintage chenille bedspread.   
Kangaroo Fashion - Main Shop - Tiny Outpost
Kangaroo Fashion Boutique -Raglan
For anyone wanting their own Tiny avatar - see the WynxWorks link on right.

Raglan Shire and its sister sims, have wonderful rental properties for the  Tiny in SL.  I've seen some of them and they are charming.  There are also  pods in outer space, not to mention condos in the tree tops.  Anyone looking for rental information should contract 
Caleb Kit for rental in the Raglan  Shire Sims
Liandras Jameson does Raglan Galaxy , and also rentals InWorldz

Tiny Outpost  is a commercial center and at this time does not have residential areas.  For rental of commercial space contact Sylkye Taffetta

Congratulations to Tipsy Cerulean who undaunted by the devious minds that hid the clues for the MadPea hunt, succeeded in getting all the letters!  "Tinies rule!"  The Kangaroo is doing the river dance shouting" Tinies rule!"

Time for me to head home leaving the roo to her own devices. No she is not getting my new addy.

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