Monday, January 28, 2013

Home comfort and fashion

You all know that I've just moved.  Settling in means deciding if I want new furniture, change the "look" around etc.  I have found a new designer Cheeky Pea that is reasonable and has an interesting style.  I felt "at home" when I saw her display at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM

This sofa is a nice length, and has some very nice poses in it, different than some of the standard poses one sees. There are actually two versions sold, and adult version, and a PG version.  The sofa alone has 21 single animations etc.  Includes self rezzing and wearable props.  Chair that goes with this sofa has 15 single animations  the adult version has an extra animation.  The vendor is also informatiive.. hello!! THANK YOU.  It clearly gives us the prim counts for all the items being sold.  How wonderful is that!  Look for the Ansel Living room.

Check these out.  We've had a lot of snow, the glare and haze of snow can be blinding.  I like that these will resize easily.  $88 Linden

Remember the R2 Fashion outfit we blogged the other day, this is where you will find it, here are some of the other colours.  I'm not sure, but I think that this round of items is about due to change soon, so get on down here.

I don't have time to go myself right now, but you can.  doesn't this look inviting?  It is a Sodermalm loft, mesh pre-fab skybox  Ok it is only 188$ L
with an auto rez set up.  I may have to make the time to see this for myself.
Who knows when such an item will come in handy

For a very different look, I see that there is another sky box being showcased,
this one is the Trautmann Skybox 

Certainly you can see it is worth it to come on over to Collabor88 to check out these goodies before they disappear.  I didn't touch on the many fashion choices, hairstyles, skins etc.

Our model is wearing a Bubble's Design outfit, c/w shoes & hat

PS.. summer is coming how about a cottage  spotted these on my way out.
actually 5 colours being offered.

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