Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exercise or shop

The festive season has come and gone, and now I hear all around me the moans and groans of friends who have over eaten, partied too much and played too hard. My answer to everything is to shop and explore,  There are far too many wonderful shops I've yet to find, and enchanting vistas to explore.
*** Winter @ Icewater Village  a lovely local with smart boutiques, and a few stores for rent.   It sits at the base of a majestic castle. (Alienbear Designs)  I was drawn to the place by the little white chapel (Spiders Designs)  that sits across one of the many little bridges.  (shop is DDD - Devilishy Deviant Designs)
For those of you who like fishing, I noted that there is a place for 7 seas fishing, hmm wonder what special catches are to be found here.
Along this lane, you'll find Kitty Designs, There is a small quilted rug that is very interesting, and an actual working wristwatch.  Then it is Cherish Me Designs  ladies wear
@ very good prices.   Templates by  Savannah, for a novice builder, this place might be of interest if you have given thought to getting into women's wear.
Now this could be interesting I've not good at hunts, but this is my first time to see one that is aimed at creators, and the prizes are full perm gifts.  I think I'll go check this out.
If any of you do this hunt, please I'd be interested in your findings.
A chilly bye for now..
Those are instant win games in the back, I have no idea how they work.
Purple Moon wool scarf in Brown
ALB Anton long length coat
BeReckless ripped leggings
Lindy Court shoe   - gawd I need to go winter boot shopping.
Sn@tch jaded top

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