Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enjoy a mini holiday visit Lotus Garden Center

Wandering, and allowing myself to explore today, has renewed my  conviction that there is a continuity in Second Life of "spiritual art"  The number of artist in SL who chose to express their beliefs with builds that are peaceful, serene and magical is inspiring to those of us who appreciate the beauty that they
build for us to enjoy. .:: LODON::. * Lotus Garden Center *, Daligdig Island

The soft gentle chimes, and hypnotic melody that plays in the background is a welcome relief to the jarring noises of day to day in a city.   If you see something cick on it,, it most likely is for sale.  I was drawn to the sound of running water, then captured by the floral delights that delighted my eyes.
Daligdig Island will be a landmark that I will keep in my "return to" folder. This is what they say about their build. 
Zen Celtic Wiccan Fantasy walls temples, arches, stone pathways crystals minerals gems garden landscaping outdoor ponds light fountain lights lamps candles butterfly scripted plants and trees fire bowls garden furniture BBQ campfires  

Hangout area for everyone who likes the beauty of Second Life.  
Visit this location for dance and take a friend for some nice cuddles or have a look in the art shops. 
Have a look at the Dutch windmill or beam up to the Astrodome and listen to the amazing sounds of the solar system. 
Search for the secret cave and be amazed.
May the tranquility of the day, bless and embrace all of your tomorrow.
Till next time, I'm off to explore as much as I can.  Today I brought you only 1 of the locations in this group, there are others to explore, all with different themes and ambiance.

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