Friday, January 25, 2013

Chinese Island, Monash University

Today we visit Chinese Island, where one can learn about China, the Chinese, study Mandarin, and see first hand in a virtual setting some of the sights and sounds one might encounter in China.  The island is a learning sim, owned by Kaylee (xilin.yifu)  Kaylee in RL is a lecturer and language educator at Monash University, Australia. The sim  has a lot to see allow yourself time to visit the different areas.   When you arrive, you will be in the Railway Station.  There is plenty of information there to get you on your way, as well as a map that details the different areas you might like to visit.
Chinese Island, Monash University 2

To help me get around I got myself a panda (in the railway station) it will be my guide.  When you touch his/her head if you are near an information station it will light up and give you information. ^^
Oh I've missed the bus.  There is a bus you can grab or a built for two bicycle outside the Welcome Centre.  There is a Chinese Island hud which you might find useful.  It seems that if you find items of interest, some of them are for sale, ie. netbooks, electronic "stuff".  Panpan (my panda friend) will speak for me when I touch his/her head.  ie. says Hello in Mandarin should I meet someone in my travels.
I did get on the bus for a bit of a tour and had to get off, I confess to getting a touch of motion sickness.  Very authentic.  I will definitely come back to do a proper tour, I want to spend time in the village see what kind of shops I'll find there. 
My outfit from + lika Ruby  China heart dress
shape,hairstyle,makeup,eyes, all from Amacci
shoes -(Gos) PYP -Pimp your pumps V2

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