Tuesday, January 22, 2013


To get into the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year, I took to looking around for places to pick up lanterns, fire crackers and of course for me a new outfit.  What is an occasion without something new.  Sadly the first couple of places I found, had a lot of Chinese buildings and were wonderfully laid out to house a community themed on Chinatown, but were sparsely merchandised.
Both of these places however, had the "feeling" of old Chinatown. The merchant stalls, and the living quarters.  You might want to drop over and visit them to take in the flavour.  They are good builds.  News just in- I'm told that there will be celebrations in Mieville Chinatown, Feb.16-24, lots of vendors and celebrating!  Mark your calendars 

Mieville Stevenson: Victorian Steampunk Chinatown

~Tian Yin Cheng~,  This location has ladies shops and furniture.   I was able to buy a scroll very much like I have on my wall (RL) at home now.  Here is a sampling of one of the dresses.  

If you are interested in learning Chinese there is even a link there to connect with SonjaLeaf in SL for lessons.

The above are samplings - please visit the areas and check out for yourself the merchandise being offered.

For those of you dear readers who like role play, there is a community for you too.  Little China Role Play Shopping Clothes, Skins, Shapes, Little China

LOL I confess to looking around here with my camera, I would have to ask Q or one of her Tiny friends to come with, they fear nothing.  I did not go in, sorry you are on you own here, the place is chilly, the mood mysterious and dark.  One would need to be agile and cunning to travel the depths.

I have yet to find the outfit I will wear on February 10.  I will keep looking, 
Interestingly I asked friends around me, if any are Snakes, and I've yet to find one,  Do you know anyone born in the year of the Snake?  Because the Chinese year is of the Lunar year and not the solar calendar we can't just give you one date, the lunar year starts and ends in different solar years.  ie.

Feb 14, 1953 till Feb 14-1954   was the water snake
Feb 2 -1965 till   Jan 20 1966   was the  wood snake
Feb 18 -1977 till Feb 06 1978   was the  fire snake
Feb. 6 1989  till  Jan 26 1990   was the  earth snake
Jan 24 2001 till   Feb.11 2002  was the   metal snake

Oh OH look what I found. + Lika Ruby + --Main shop- 

haha you know where I'm going now... till next time

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