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Buddha Center

BUDDHA CENTER Buddhist Meditation and Teaching center buddhism,

The call to prayer - the meditation - reflection - silence - words of wisdom - musical song that carries the the spirit to a quiet place.
The following is taken from the Buddha Center guide - not my words but those of Ven Wayne Ren-Cheng - I happened on the center while searching for items for the Chinese new year.  Nothing happens by chance. =^_^= I could not help but join in the meditation and benefit in the moment. Peace.

 Virtual Reality . . . not . . . Virtual Fantasy

By Ven. Wayne Ren-Cheng

The Buddha Center is virtual reality not virtual fantasy.

Second Life is a virtual world.  There are two ways to view this virtual world.  Seen as a virtual fantasy an avatar can be a fuzzy, an animal, a vampire or a superhero.  They can walk around nude or bristling with weapons, modern and ancient.  The avatar can engage in adventure, sexual and fantasy role-playing.  It is Second Life as a virtual fantasy and many folks enjoy it for that reason.

At the Buddha Center we experience Second Life as a virtual reality.  The space is meant to be a virtual representation of the real physical aspects of Buddhism.  Towering stupas, serene Buddhas, the Deer Park inhabited by the animals that named it during the Buddha's time, and a temple designed with everything needed to sit in meditation and to learn about Buddhist philosophy, practice and spirituality.  The Buddha Center is a virtual place with a real intent. 

The Buddha Center teachers and staff are serious about and committed to offering a way of living that they have experienced as positive and affirming.  It is not a game or a fantasy to us . . . it is a real commitment to offering the dharma.

Zino and Delani, the founders of Buddha Center move always forward with the vision of a destination in Second Life where people who are curious can learn, where those who can't access a real life sangha can come together with like-minded people, and where Buddhist teachers of all traditions can offer the dharma.  It is real Buddhism in a virtual world.

We request that every visitor respect the space and the people by:

-Asking yourself if what you are wearing is appropriate for where you are.  (No nudity, partial or otherwise.)

-Leaving all weapons at home including harsh talk.

-Not talking, by type chat or voice during meditation sessions and lectures.  (IM when it is needed to help a sangha member with a problem.) 

-Not soliciting or advertising products or services.

Please respect these rules 

thank you

The buddha center staff

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