Thursday, January 31, 2013

Before and After

Our model today (Jennifer Amacci) arrived wearing Cold Logic shirt Rhodes orange, and Cold Logic pants - shelly - tangerine, hair style was by A&A short saucy wind swept, Logan, she looked so lovely in her casual attire,we took some pictures before she got ready for the shoot. Shoes are from Lindy Modern and Retro, Chloe Pumpkin.  Her eyes were particularly fetching, they were from Mayfly - Deep sky eyes - deep emerald w3, her makeup/skin was from Dulce Secrets - Brynn Risling,wild thicket

With Valentines day a few weeks away, the shops are full of red dresses, red sweaters, pants etc. every shade of red imaginable shouts out as we enter a store.  We decided to bring you an alternative, something that stands out and is multi purpose- bonus right.   Jennifer was transformed with a hairstyle again from A&A -Raina, her beautiful blonde hair is now a rich vibrant fire red.

Our darling evening gown is from Paris Metro Couture -l'amour me tient in a pastel rainbow, The designer in this ensemble has paired the dress with a pair of boots, that give the outfit a totally different look when the skirt is not worn.  
Necklace - Amacci
Earrings   Crystal Line

Check out the boots - how many outfits can you match up to them that are currently in your wardrobe. The outfit is alluring, fun and sexy all at the same time.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Role play - Realm of Estara

Role play is a topic that has come up more than once.  So today, we visited Realm of Estara to see what it was, and if it would be a possibility to explore.  Many readers have entered the themed sims, but many have not.    Because when you land, you are in a "courtyard" where you can purchase or get free the proper attire to wear when in role play, there is not much of the sim itself to be seen the landing.  However, they provided you with a LM so you can return, after you have read the note card that outlines the required behaviour, rules etc.  What pleased me to read, it is not a Gor sim.  Yet it is medieval and you have multiple choices when planning your character.
This is the area you go into from the courtyard that will TP you to role play area.

The note card is very well expressed, therefore I will simply cut and paste sections of it for you to read.  

• Welcome to the Realm of Estara! This is a fully immersive Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay Sim where the goal is to give roleplayers a friendly, helpful and top quality environment to roleplay in.  

• Estara is set in an imaginary medieval kingdom that is "Europeanesque" in style.  Please read our attached backstory and consider working it into your character's personal story. 

• New to the Sim? You can roleplay for up to one week without filling out a character card as long as you are using an approved race on our list!  Please don't role play any magic or special abilities until your character card is approved.  You also need to wear the appropriate Sim Group Tag and medieval/fantasy clothing in our In-Character Areas.

A template for your character card is provided.  Here are some of the possibilities  >  Humans........Aasimar.......Vampires.......Orcs.....Half-orcs
Half-elves........Elves and the various types of elves are many
Haflings......Dwarves......Gnomes.......Dragonborn........Dragons (small sizes only)......Ogres.......Goblins  and the list goes on, pick up the notecard to see all the numerous choices you will have.
My suggestion is if you are interested, you go into the actual role play area to actually experience what it is,so that you can decide what character you think you would want to play.  There is also a form you can fill out should that character turn out to be not what you want, and you want to try something else.
If you area builder, you might want to see if this is a good market for your wares.  The area seems to be well organized, and thought out.  Maybe you are looking to expand your horizons in SL, meet new friends, this could be just what you are looking for.
Realm of Estara, -Role Play     Bonne Voyage, Safe Journey

This is an avatar we met on our way out, isn't he a magnificent "beast", he is Ram, a Cerberus.  Guardian to the gates of Hades

Roving assignment reporter is  Ylang Ylang (the Body Co.)  her make up is Style by Kira  - Olivia Skin  Hairstyle - Ploom - Shoes - Enkythings, Sulaco
Jewelry - Elemental - Zelda  -   Outfit Lima Trenchcoat Gisaci , Eyes Amacci

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Body Co -The Warehouse

50% sale - January 12 - 31st - hosted by The Warehouse.

THE BODY CO 50% OFF SALE!, theWarehouse  wear comfortable shoes, rest your digits, this is a big warehouse, and there is a lot to see.  I bought some of these skins way back, trying to remember what they sold for.  They are selling for 500$L, I particularly wanted to try India.  Let me look around a bit more.
I see clothes down in another area, must check that out. BTW male and female skins are available as well as bodies/shapes.  Ah this is better, there are skins here for 100$L mmm I like, I like, there is some very nice makeups.
This look appeals to me, I know its not for everyone, but it could be a lot of fun with the right outfit.
There are a lot of men here, obviously the line for men is a known one, and well patronized  The merchandise( clothing) being offered, is priced at 100$L
Shoes, handbags, this place seems to have it all.

Of interest is that most of the designers (there are a number of them) have been around SL for a very long time.  If you decide to check this place out, I'd love to hear from you.  These coat dresses are classics, for 100$L  the place is immense, you may want to put bread crumbs down so you can find your way back to the front of the shop.

Today's model (Amacci Lexie) is wearing Amacci eyes-Winter big,makeup/skin is (Eat Paste) Noelle -sunkissed,  Hair - Truth - Sam with roots -barley
Tattoo - Stars Fashion, Poncho, pants, and boots

Happy Shopping!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Home comfort and fashion

You all know that I've just moved.  Settling in means deciding if I want new furniture, change the "look" around etc.  I have found a new designer Cheeky Pea that is reasonable and has an interesting style.  I felt "at home" when I saw her display at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM

This sofa is a nice length, and has some very nice poses in it, different than some of the standard poses one sees. There are actually two versions sold, and adult version, and a PG version.  The sofa alone has 21 single animations etc.  Includes self rezzing and wearable props.  Chair that goes with this sofa has 15 single animations  the adult version has an extra animation.  The vendor is also informatiive.. hello!! THANK YOU.  It clearly gives us the prim counts for all the items being sold.  How wonderful is that!  Look for the Ansel Living room.

Check these out.  We've had a lot of snow, the glare and haze of snow can be blinding.  I like that these will resize easily.  $88 Linden

Remember the R2 Fashion outfit we blogged the other day, this is where you will find it, here are some of the other colours.  I'm not sure, but I think that this round of items is about due to change soon, so get on down here.

I don't have time to go myself right now, but you can.  doesn't this look inviting?  It is a Sodermalm loft, mesh pre-fab skybox  Ok it is only 188$ L
with an auto rez set up.  I may have to make the time to see this for myself.
Who knows when such an item will come in handy

For a very different look, I see that there is another sky box being showcased,
this one is the Trautmann Skybox 

Certainly you can see it is worth it to come on over to Collabor88 to check out these goodies before they disappear.  I didn't touch on the many fashion choices, hairstyles, skins etc.

Our model is wearing a Bubble's Design outfit, c/w shoes & hat

PS.. summer is coming how about a cottage  spotted these on my way out.
actually 5 colours being offered.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Skin-Hair - Junikie-

If you are not a skin + hair addict, then you can pass on this edition.  Only if you are always wanting a new skin, or hairstyle, tempted by a new face, driven to check out new designers, new sources, then come into my web said the spider with a smile.  Did I mention wicked Tattoos ^^
DrLife Asian&Ethno modifiable Skin&Hair

This shop has an amazing selection of skins and hairstyles that would really fit in with the many different role play sims.  How this place has escaped me till now is a mystery.
Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I have taken pictures of the marketing vendors so you can see the variety presented.   There are two floors at this location, I will check out the main shop.DrLife Main - Skin/Hair - Classic Life Style,
At the main store, there is skins on sale, body/shape is included.  Join the group and you get a Honey toned skin and a lovely long black hair do.  LOL I learned about this place at an air show today (Tiny Outpost), the designer even sells a small SR-71 Blackbird and YF 12A Interceptor (US air force) 
This is one that interest me.  A10 Thunderbolt  - Royal Air Force
I'm thinking planes could become another addiction.  OMG what business does a plane have being in a  hair and skin shop?
If you want to see the planes, take the second limo provided, they are here at the main shop in Sylvhara. Or if you are a Tiny there is an airfield @ Tiny Outpost.    Tiny Outpost! Tiny Wings Airfield and Hangers!
In the end darlings it is up to you.  There is a selection here that can really go a long way to giving you that "unique" look.  I am of Asian background, and this is my look.  outfit - Paris Metro Couture, shape,skin,eyes,hair Amacci
Our individuality is what shines and makes us Divas =^_^=  n'est pas?
Earrings and necklace - Bonita Jewelry

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Enjoy a mini holiday visit Lotus Garden Center

Wandering, and allowing myself to explore today, has renewed my  conviction that there is a continuity in Second Life of "spiritual art"  The number of artist in SL who chose to express their beliefs with builds that are peaceful, serene and magical is inspiring to those of us who appreciate the beauty that they
build for us to enjoy. .:: LODON::. * Lotus Garden Center *, Daligdig Island

The soft gentle chimes, and hypnotic melody that plays in the background is a welcome relief to the jarring noises of day to day in a city.   If you see something cick on it,, it most likely is for sale.  I was drawn to the sound of running water, then captured by the floral delights that delighted my eyes.
Daligdig Island will be a landmark that I will keep in my "return to" folder. This is what they say about their build. 
Zen Celtic Wiccan Fantasy walls temples, arches, stone pathways crystals minerals gems garden landscaping outdoor ponds light fountain lights lamps candles butterfly scripted plants and trees fire bowls garden furniture BBQ campfires  

Hangout area for everyone who likes the beauty of Second Life.  
Visit this location for dance and take a friend for some nice cuddles or have a look in the art shops. 
Have a look at the Dutch windmill or beam up to the Astrodome and listen to the amazing sounds of the solar system. 
Search for the secret cave and be amazed.
May the tranquility of the day, bless and embrace all of your tomorrow.
Till next time, I'm off to explore as much as I can.  Today I brought you only 1 of the locations in this group, there are others to explore, all with different themes and ambiance.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chinese Island, Monash University

Today we visit Chinese Island, where one can learn about China, the Chinese, study Mandarin, and see first hand in a virtual setting some of the sights and sounds one might encounter in China.  The island is a learning sim, owned by Kaylee (xilin.yifu)  Kaylee in RL is a lecturer and language educator at Monash University, Australia. The sim  has a lot to see allow yourself time to visit the different areas.   When you arrive, you will be in the Railway Station.  There is plenty of information there to get you on your way, as well as a map that details the different areas you might like to visit.
Chinese Island, Monash University 2

To help me get around I got myself a panda (in the railway station) it will be my guide.  When you touch his/her head if you are near an information station it will light up and give you information. ^^
Oh I've missed the bus.  There is a bus you can grab or a built for two bicycle outside the Welcome Centre.  There is a Chinese Island hud which you might find useful.  It seems that if you find items of interest, some of them are for sale, ie. netbooks, electronic "stuff".  Panpan (my panda friend) will speak for me when I touch his/her head.  ie. says Hello in Mandarin should I meet someone in my travels.
I did get on the bus for a bit of a tour and had to get off, I confess to getting a touch of motion sickness.  Very authentic.  I will definitely come back to do a proper tour, I want to spend time in the village see what kind of shops I'll find there. 
My outfit from + lika Ruby  China heart dress
shape,hairstyle,makeup,eyes, all from Amacci
shoes -(Gos) PYP -Pimp your pumps V2

Thursday, January 24, 2013

minus 23 and counting

Time to shop - it is cold outside, and I intend to get my shopping fix in. I've had this landmark beckoning me for some time, time to visit. NoR: The Outlet Sales Room  ah tres jolie,  oh I'm happy, I see some of my favourites are here.  I  Hundred  is offering a mesh corset and a top.  The corset is very sexy and will look lovely paired with black leggings or the new slim leg jeans.
Demos are offered.
Please try before you buy.  Le fil casse also offers 2 choices
Other designers you'll find, are Iron Tiger Jewelry, offering a variety if colours in their Camo line.
Beyond the Stars  has a couple of 2 piece items for those of you still in the warmer climates.
Greymoon  has a classic sweater top with slacks - The Greymoon logo is very appealing  to the eye, different. small work of art.
Candy Metal is another new shop for me, they have a very sassy mini dress
that comes in a white that I like and a red for that special valentine outing.
Sassy  you all know I wear a lot of Sassy. There are three  outfits and very distinctive in look.
Zombie Suicide is presenting an Ivy skin that I really most consider, what a fabulous skin for the fall, or a Goth themed event.  The other skin offered, Vanity, comes complete with the shape and prim lashes.
Liv Glam has a selection of very fashionable items for you, four in total, very diva glam.  You know Liv Glam from Designer Showcase.
Mystic Canvass for al you fellow skin junkies is offering up  skin calleld Tevy.
2 different cup sizes for $100.
If you join the Outlet gifts there are some very nice group gifts for you.  Something to consider.  The items I looked at are $100 or under.  I have only listed a few of the designers there are more,  You own't find yourself at a loss for new items to peruse.

Taxi is up in the first paragraph.  Isn't this a nice chair, Prism Furniture and more  has a couple of chairs on display.  I bought the brown leather beside this one. 
Outfit is from  + Lika Ruby from the shop I was at the other day.
Shoes are  R 2  Mana
Jewelry - Miemaya -Mika green
Shape,skin,eyes, hair all Amacci

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Air show - Planes, military, carriers,civilian +++

Do you have an interest in planes, war planes, modern, retro, vintage, you name it, the amazing builders in SL with such interests/hobbies have produced wonderful flying replicas for you to enjoy.  You can see these planes in action this coming weekend.

This weekend! Saturday and Sunday, Jan 26, 27
11-2 slt

Demonstrations, bombings and a Warbug more fun! DJ and Commander Shakespeare will be spinnin tunes and flying at the same you think he can do it?

Come see and have fun! Wait till you see ALL the planes and helis!!!

Put your Wings on and Join Us!  
Air Show @ Tiny Outpost

If you've ever contemplated owning a plane, learning how to fly, this is the time to check these babies out.  This is just a sampling and yes, that is a carrier in the background.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


To get into the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year, I took to looking around for places to pick up lanterns, fire crackers and of course for me a new outfit.  What is an occasion without something new.  Sadly the first couple of places I found, had a lot of Chinese buildings and were wonderfully laid out to house a community themed on Chinatown, but were sparsely merchandised.
Both of these places however, had the "feeling" of old Chinatown. The merchant stalls, and the living quarters.  You might want to drop over and visit them to take in the flavour.  They are good builds.  News just in- I'm told that there will be celebrations in Mieville Chinatown, Feb.16-24, lots of vendors and celebrating!  Mark your calendars 

Mieville Stevenson: Victorian Steampunk Chinatown

~Tian Yin Cheng~,  This location has ladies shops and furniture.   I was able to buy a scroll very much like I have on my wall (RL) at home now.  Here is a sampling of one of the dresses.  

If you are interested in learning Chinese there is even a link there to connect with SonjaLeaf in SL for lessons.

The above are samplings - please visit the areas and check out for yourself the merchandise being offered.

For those of you dear readers who like role play, there is a community for you too.  Little China Role Play Shopping Clothes, Skins, Shapes, Little China

LOL I confess to looking around here with my camera, I would have to ask Q or one of her Tiny friends to come with, they fear nothing.  I did not go in, sorry you are on you own here, the place is chilly, the mood mysterious and dark.  One would need to be agile and cunning to travel the depths.

I have yet to find the outfit I will wear on February 10.  I will keep looking, 
Interestingly I asked friends around me, if any are Snakes, and I've yet to find one,  Do you know anyone born in the year of the Snake?  Because the Chinese year is of the Lunar year and not the solar calendar we can't just give you one date, the lunar year starts and ends in different solar years.  ie.

Feb 14, 1953 till Feb 14-1954   was the water snake
Feb 2 -1965 till   Jan 20 1966   was the  wood snake
Feb 18 -1977 till Feb 06 1978   was the  fire snake
Feb. 6 1989  till  Jan 26 1990   was the  earth snake
Jan 24 2001 till   Feb.11 2002  was the   metal snake

Oh OH look what I found. + Lika Ruby + --Main shop- 

haha you know where I'm going now... till next time

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Low Prim decorating

Whether inside or out, when looking to create a comfortable, welcoming interior or trying for the right "curb side" appeal, we are always looking for low prim count.  Since I am actively on the prowl these days, I thought I'd share some of the shops that I have come across with you.
Organica Specialty Trees - plants gardening landscaping

Landscaping and Gardening materials for Asian, boreal and alpine environments, ground cover, furniture, 

mesh, sculpted trees, sculptie, sculpty, bonsai, japanese, natural, maple, oak, fountain, water, furniture, flowers, low prim, garden, valentines

They have a broken gas pump which I would  love to have a place for.

This next place, I have shopped at before, and have always found the  product to be of a quality that I want in my  personal space. In fact both Q and I just bought the baby grand piano.

PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store LOW PRIM Furniture,
NEW DESIGNS JUNE 2012! All Designs 100% Original (By Low  Prim Furniture Store, We Mean 1 Prim Furniture! )  We go above and beyond with every product. There is nothing in SL like it. Virtually everything  has a texture changer  and  100s of options.

This next place is for readers who are interested in Asian themes in or around the home.  There are other places, but I found the quality here to be a cut above.  Plus it supports the Buddhist community here in SL.
Buddha Art Shop Buddhas Meditation Windchimes Asian furniture

The SculptyWorks, was a new discovery for me.  When I landed I was a bombarded with a courtyard of furniture. 

SculptyWorks - Makers of low-prim and 1-prim furniture plants home ship yacht and full perm builder packs! We have sculptie trees flowers foliage for your house or commercial landscaping. Prefab log homes cabin treehouse sofa couch chair Egyptian decor

BTW I heard someone asking in chat the other day, where they could get mega prims,  there is a box of 7000 being offered FREE here.

Happy Shopping

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Usually on weekends I like to "bum" around, but Q was out last night with DrJ and it seems the two of them cooked up a little surprise for me.  I found some new clothes waiting for me in my inbox.  I admit to being unable to resist trying the pants and sweater on.  Of course, that led to picking out shoes, and deciding how to wear my hair.  Nothing would do then, hmm maybe earrings would go with the gold belt.  Ladies you know how it is, one step leads to another and voila. You are all dressed with no where to go.
Outfit - pants and kabel crop sweater are from Paris Metro Couture
Shoes are from Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes - the Chloe
Shape, skin,eyes,make up and hair - Amacci
Earrings -Elemental -Circular Fusion II
This outfit is also available in black, but I choose to wear the red because red is not always an easy colour to accessorize.  Amacci in the fat packs offers a wide range of colours.  Except for maybe one or two, the way the designer at Paris Metro Couture has shaded and textured the sweater, it looks great, whether you are in the blonde shades, brunette or redhead. (Satin Aviator pants, Kabel crop sweater)

The hairstyle itself is pure gold, it can be worn classic, retro, evening, or casual  ( Amacci Gloria - pearl Platinum)

Did you know that Paris Metro Couture, teams up with Entertainers in SL and offers up some very cool venues for you to enjoy.
There is a concert at 1PM SL time with the lovely Ceci Dover   There will be a guest gift   

Collectors alert to in store specials -Paris Metro Couture

Red hunt news - Pimp my Valentine Hunt  Jan 15 - Feb 15th.
if you are on their group list, you even get a hint on where their item is...
Maybe it is time to hightail down to the shop and sign up.  Paris Couture, France   This is the addy provided to joing their VIP Group  -they ask that you copy and paste this link. (or search groups, Paris MetroVIP)
to join Paris Metro Couture VIP group

OK. Time for this lady in red to shuffle off to  ......=^_^=