Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter fun

The Cookie Jar House & Garden Village & Community, Michigan Bay

In a shop behind this sign you will find a XMas tree with little presents on it
I collected a few, but as of time of writing I have not opened them yet.  There is also walls announcing all the various hunts you can find in and around the area.  For those of you who like to challenge your searching skills, this would be a good place to visit.

Have you ever wanted a Gingerbread house.. ?
Christmas, Christmas

You can see that this is a regular size gingerbread house, dat's little Q standing in front of the shop. This is a whole sim dedicated to the holiday]fun.

OH fun, wonderful decorations here, good music too =^_^= 
Christmas Trees and Winter Romance

Q is wearing the Wootmas outfit that will be in her shops, watch for it.  Dress and hat! Kangaroo Fashion - Main Shop Tiny Outppost  and in her boutique
Kangaroo Boutique - Raglan

After a busy day of shopping, its time to head for a relaxing brew in Raglan.
OH, lookie lookie lookie ..
Awenbunny Lisle working, proof she does exist, she working on her vendors,
ohhhhh wots dat mean?  lucky for us.... hahahaha she just saw me.... did you hear the blood curdling scream....  I looking for the Sekret Santa pick up name area.. The great tree STEVE....  for those of you needing the limo, thanks to Awen, here it is The great tree STEVE  hmmm this brought me to the coffee shop itself..  Wow, dropping over the side I found the area for the 6th annual ice sculpty sculpture contest.. Isn't SL wonderful, we can flies  Wolfie has given me another LM...hehee   You gotta see Wolfie blue eyes.. and lookit the hat! Wow.

Pick up of Sekret Santa ornament here -STEVE tree .. finally I gots the name of the person I gets to buy for... YAY.

Oh.. sound of incoming mail.. oh seamless brocade fabric texture, gotta fly, needed to hit a midnight mania board.. bye for now.SOMA - Classes for Clothing, Texturing, GIMP, Photoshop & More
  we needs two more  hits  .. anyone?

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