Friday, December 7, 2012

Taking that step

I been in SL a long time, I been building for almost as long.  However, my comfort zone was to work and produce for my shop(s).  This time I took that step outside my comfort zone to participate in an event with other builders/designers.  I think the super friendly and happy demeanor of fellow Tiny Outpost and Raglan Shire merchant Yaya Bingyi (HIPPO) and her business partner in this event Uriana Zeta were what gave me that confidence to "play".
I liked that the event includes a variety of merchants that have products to entice many different shoppers, Tiny, "Biggies", Hammies, Furries, I think there is something for everyone.

POP-UP GACHA , Kourinbou  is the link to get you directly to the site.

The Wootmas sock hats was a lot of fun to do, tres elegant, n'est pas!
Some of the vendors you will know others will be new to you, but what fun exploring the various booths, trying your luck, and for you Freebie chasers,
there are presents on the second floor. Teleporter is at the back of the room.
Depending on when you come, you never know what, or who you will bump into.. Nor the fun happenings you will be drawn into. =^_^=  when TINY involved you gotto know, sane is insane!

Do you know how the Catcha machines work?  No? its fun and easy, something like slots, only you always comes away with something.  Prices per play is determined by the merchant, and what the prizes are in the machines.
Like fishing, there are RARE items, and you plays till you come up with what you want. Any questions, nudge Yaya or Uriana, or myself, if I don't know I'll finds out for you.

Oh just saw a Biggie/Tiny cuddle sofa with 3 sets of cuddles, hmmm has to find me a biggie... =^_^=  Shady do you qualifies?  diabolical laugh..LOL.

some merchants - Steam Kitten          Tiny Temptations Creations
                          Black Magnolia Imports      Sloane
                          Peeps Fashion         Gyplsy Wolf Creations
                          Panda                    General Shop
                          Half Deer                dooLally
                          Hippo                     Muzi
                          DeDe Tiny Shop       BSD design

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