Sunday, December 2, 2012

Small and Courageous

I like to think I'm observant.  However, when I was looking for my neighbour, I didn't realize he was just beside me in Tiny Outpost.  ohhh yeah!  Meet Shakespeare Shamrock owner of Small and Courageous.
His shop is full of airplanes and the like.  They look veru realistic to me.  His tag reads Tiny RAF rescue. So guess its good to have someone like that right next door.  This is the link to his shop Small and Courageous.  I thinking I might have to sign up for the Sekret Santa giftie, that vehicle bottom right looks pretty exciting.. I'm not ready to fly a plane yet.
The notice came out that the Sekret Santa box is out in Raglan so high tail down there and get your name in.  It is always a lot of fun.  Remember, Karma is the go to person if you are stuck on what kind of giftie to get.
Sekret Santa box - Raglan  oh wow..lucky, Karma and Kitty Huang are practicing their Xmas carols  (see pictures on Flickr)
This is what you look for.
Remember this is the best time of year to get to know your fellow Tinies...
Tinies RULE..."we are one"

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