Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Norway

With the winter winds blowing outside, the freezing snow and ice pellets on the window my mind wouldn't settle down to sleep.  I returned to SL to explore. I was intrigued with 
Second Norway, even more so when I arrived.  Yes the little hedge hog standing in the snow in her velvet elf dress and suede heels is moi,Q.
I wished that I had ordered a car to meet me, the roads are so inviting, they lead off into the distance, the scenery is wonderful.  I have a snowmobile, but that would ruin the wonderful sounds of the waves coming in from the sea.  Oh I see a Racing Cars Tovar, 
animation is for the human body, sure looks like fun, I would call this vehicle a bumper car.
There is so much to see, I encourage you to take the time to visit and look around.  The builder(s) have put together a true to life coastal village .. it is like stepping into another
community, complete with sights and sounds.
I'm dressed, ready for the Elf costume party at Tiny Outpost on Saturday Dec. 22 @ 5pm, there will be dancing and skating on the Tiny Outpost rink. Sylkye tells me there will be a special guest, wonder who will be judging the costumes?..  Hmm I digress, I will leave you with this last picture of a big freighter that is frozen in the bay.  I'm off to do some more exploring of this fabulous build.  Norway now seems much more real to me.
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Second Norway - Thule Bay, 
Tiny Outpost -Commercial district of Tiny Creativity
Dress is from Precious Lidell @ Tiny Outpost, it comes in several colours

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