Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paris Metro Couture

There was a day when elegance and style was what we strove for when we had a special date or event to attend.  Some traditions remain, there are designers that maintain that mystique and romance in their creations, such a couturier is the dynamo from Paris Metro Couture.  It never ceases to amaze that evening gowns and dresses keep appearing, and they all reflect that diva
"star" quality  that Paris Metro is so known for.
Paris Metro Couture - Women's Formal Wear Gowns, San Diego City
Paris METRO Couture ~ La Samaritaine, Paris, France, Paris Couture
It would be unfair to showcase one dress from the fabulous Paris Metro Couture Collections.  There are too many and we each have our own different tastes.  However, this designer's talents are such that she does not limit herself to one or two designs, she enjoys expanding on her creativity and offers historical, vintage,romantic to exotic and sultry.  A list of her shops will be included in this blog.  Check out her wonderful furniture and household
accessories lines.
Paris Metro Couture has a very knowledgeable and accessible Public Relations Agent, DrJ Cleanslate  on request I am sure she would be happy to send you
information on the Paris Metro in Paris, visit and see the build there it is
grand and truly marvellous, walk around, take it all in.

Oh la la, I have just landed at Paris Metro @ The Village & Club Graffiti, NYC
now I could groove in this naughty outfit..  Paris you little vixen...=^_^=
On the second level is the more sophisticated lady's wardrobe, although the saucy is still very present ^^  HOT!!!
Paris Metro @ . THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD , Couture Boulevard
Paris Metro @ The Premier Mall @ Sunburst "The Essence Of Fashion And Style" (this shop really rocked, I liked the lay out and the "eye candy"

Usually we use a model, to show you the latest and newest, but with limited space, we wanted to give you an overview of one of the most enduring and reliable designers in today's " Red Carpet" couturiers.and where you can see and acquire her designs.  Treat yourself.. you deserve the best.

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