Monday, December 31, 2012

Old Time Prims

Why bless my buttons.  I'm in 7th heaven.  Wandering around I found myself in Dizzyland standing outside a shop called Old Time Prims.  I was totally mesmerized by the merchandise and the promise visiting a world I've only read about or seen in black and white movies on the telly. 
When I first came into Second LIfe back in the mid 2000, I first worked for Ivalde a designer who specialized in vintage.  It was instant love at first sight.  Not since that moment in time have I been so enthralled.
This shop not only has the clothes, but the hair and shoes.  So much required for the
perfect outfit.  the shop is attached to a sim where the lifestyle, music of the day is all represented.  I can see I will be spending a lot of time exploring here
Gentleman you are not left out, the shop has outfits and clothing for the young dandy, Male, hairstyles, and footwear.  speaking of shoes, to this day, this flapper look is my shoe of choice.
AloToi will be green with envy, because she is on a holiday right now and it is I, Q the kangaroo who got to do this blog. LOL.. the young models I'm sure are wondering what this Tiny kangaroo in her "stylish"  blue smock is doing hopping around the shop.  The
models,, Betty  Claremenot and Adrienne were very kind in letting me have a big of fun
in the store window.
Seen thru the store window.. there will be a few more on flickr.  it was fun, reminded me of the days I was a model for Ivalde.  Ivalde is gone now but WOW Old Time Prims is here and I hope to stay, it is a wonderful wonderful shop.  Here is your limo
Q off to shop....cya

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