Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Martini Discovolante- Precious Liddell

Every once in awhile, you meet a true Diva.. Meet Martini Discovolante, the first time I saw her she was riding a horse and came to a gathering as Lady Godiva. She is such a true artist, her work is scrumptious you always feel like a princess in her designs.
When Tiny Outpost opened, she was one of the first designers to come on board, her building won an award for its originality and beauty.  Right now she is getting her shop ready for the holidays and I was there to visit with her.
The beautiful evening gown she is wearing is available with the hair.  Bonus it has a colour hud, so you can change the colour of the dress to match your accessories or mood. =^_^=.  In the background, you see the outfit I'm thinking about for myself, the Holiday Dazzle, it comes in an assortment of colours, I rather like the gold that you see, but there is also a red that is very
appealing.  All her outfits come complete with stockings heels and the hat if one is  shown.
She has put out not only outfits for the ladies, the gents are also included in her winter collection.  Precious LIddell - Tiny Outpost  What a choice, do I want to be My Fair Tiny or Mrs Claus...? (Precious Lidell - exquisite goods for the discriminating Tiny)
BTW her other holiday outfits are also available, they are adorable, there is a jester dress, that comes in a variety of colours . and the sweetest of dresses that has a hat like a tree but it is so elegant and sophisticated, you'll swoon.
It is on the wall to the left when you go in. I luvs the baby blue.
The male attire in the new line is a tux, with one for, the night of, and one for the next morning. =^_^=   Martini thinks of everything.

The lady graciously modeled both outfits for me.  There is a lot going on at Tiny Outpost, merchants are putting out goodies for you to find.  Who knows what will appear over the next couple of days.. 
Join us for some Wootmas Cheer  here is your taxi .Tiny Outpost -a unique Tiny shopping experience

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