Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking back

With the spirit of the season still with us, I am enjoying the many wonderful memories I've had over the last year.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is a special feeling in the air and around us during this time of year.  The lights that sparkle and wink against the green boughs of a tree, and colourfully wrapped gifts waiting to be shared  all reminders of another time.

These pictures are taken on location Area 51 - Winterland - international
This wonderful recreation of an old family homestead in the country is so reminiscent of places I've visited in my early years, that I felt at home as soon as I stepped into the door.
LOL i made myself completely at home.  Shame on me I didn't take my shoes off!  I mused on this past year in SL and how at home I am with the many facets of my life within the SL  world.  With few exceptions, everyone I meet or have met  is a delightful personality with a lot of creative energy.  Whether another designer/builder, script writer,model, entrepreneur,artisan,fashionista,musician,consumer,interior designer,landscaper, you name it,if it is to be found in the Universe, it will be here in Second Life.
There will be more pictures on Flickr- link on side panel

Life can get hectic, and at times, it throws us a curve ball, my experience has been that always in Second Life, I can find a place to unwind, destress, find a happy venue, visit with friends, or wander and explore alone, My choice.  Two places that really bring me to what I call "home"  Tiny Outpost and Raglan Shire.  To all my friends here in Second Life,
I thank you for enriching my life with your generous hearts, your support and friendships.

You know what I think I want to try, after Morton showed me how to ski, and I felt the thrill of zooming down a ski hill.. I'm thinking I might like to try to fly.  Hey.. where did you all go.. are you running away?  LOL demoniac laughter Q in the skies....hehehe duck!

this was sent to me by the creator of Winterland International - Enjoy

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