Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting ready for CACHA
Event Info:
Two Tiny Designers have been very busy lately organizing and getting this show ready for the road Yaya Bingyi from the wonderful HIPPO shops and 
her partner in crime Uriana Zeta (MUZI! )

The show will run December 7 - 17 2012  come prepared to have lots of fun.
There will be merchandise for TINY - Biggies + Hammies .. You want information on the event, contact Yaya or Uriana.  This will be the kick off
event of what they hope will be many others.

Dis is Q looking bothered and bewildered at how to set up , reading instructions (not her strong suit)  See she sitting on her tail,  she says "dats why she Roo, gets to have something to sit on all the time, and always has a pocket, no need for a purse!)  I"m sure LOL that is what Wynx had in mind when she created the Kangaroo avatar./P

Have you got a Wynx avatar yet?  Here is the link.. WynxWorks-Tiny avatars,wearable & flying pets-Raglan       no excuses..
WunxWorks Boutique - Tiny Outpost

NO ONE DOES WOOTMAS LIKE THE TINY..... Please join us. It is an experience you will never forgot.

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