Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Discovering New

Long time member of the SL community, I often travel to other places especially in my line of "work".  Often the places I find that really make me smile are places I find by accident.  Today while removing my Cacha machines from the just ended Pop up Cacha event, I had time to wander and explore since Tiny Outpost was down for LL maintenance. I found the most delightful of places hidden away down a lane far away from where I had been. When I sees bunnahs and pandas I want to seem more.

Rook Poses -Kourinbou    is the location, I was just starting to explore when up popped - Region restart on my screen.#%#@  I encourage you to visit the location and then explore the sim.  There are a lot of shops, not just a few.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Raglan Shire, to add a pressie in my boutique for visitors over the holidays. =^_^= 
Kangaroo Fashion Boutique

Where ever I go I get asked what I am, or where did I get my avatar, I always have the link to WynxWorks handy to hand out.  If you are introducing friends/relatives over the holidays to our wonderful world of Tiny, here is the
link for you WynxWorks - Raglan - main shop   and if you are in the vicinity of the Tiny Outpost, the link is WynxWorks - Tiny Outpost
You got your antler hat yet?  They are around check Raglan and Tiny Outpost.  Look for Free Pressie boxes.

Need skates for the skating parties - Ankle Biters
Are you a texture board chaser - SOMA - Classes for Clothing, Texturing, GIMP, Photoshop & More
btw you know you've been in SL a long time, when you always want to alt and left click to see something up close.

Want something different, how about a colourful seahorse to ride, or a gesture hud for your Wynx Quad Tiny Animations CYZICUS

Right next store is a Tiny Chinese Dragon Mask for only $100 at the Puppy

Sue me, I couldn't resist the headless Frosty ugly lighted sweater in the
Druscilla's Whim   shop.  Lots to choose from, they are all the rage. LOL I even got a Trail mix   This gal is an entrepreneur .. Yum.

Model is wearing an outfit from HIPPO, hair is from May Creations - Punky pony tail, earrings are from Kangaroo Fashion,  Shoes are also from HIPPO
Wild Bunney's Gear /May Creations (wharf & coastal)

Till next time I'm off to nibble (inhale) my Trail Mix - happy shopping!
Tiny Outpost - for the HIPPO and Kangaroo Fashion shops

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  1. too cute...I also try to use SL controls on web pages...LoL

    Love ya Katya always and forever *hugz*