Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1.another day

EEEpp sorry close your eyes if you never seen a nakid guinea pig before.  I warn you this is sad.
I has to change, I has to take off my skies and get some work done. The call of Mount Waffle will have to wait till I get some work done.  You can see I not all that happy with "letting go"..  My heads are waiting for me to work work work... sigh.  I did a late night run last night, it was a wild and scary one, wow I ended up crashing down into Awen and Bloodsong's shop. Staring up and a cute possum in a lime green snowsuit. At least it wasn't the real Awen with a fish in her hand ready to smack me.

OMG  i took the ice ball, had to figure it out I can't find myself. (story of my life, snort) let me see, what fanatical place did Zayn script this thing to land.  One minute I was in the ice ball, and next I was tumbling down the hill at break neck speed.  Here I am, new boots from the Artisan shop to go with my new dress from Kangaroo Fashion, the boots are from Mish Mish
I bought them because she has set them to colour change.  One pair of toasty boots to go with all of my winter dresses.. Nice.  btw the dress and hat from Kangaroo are not out yet.  Sorry, during the week,  the dress is a dark tartan, with a skirt in a Xmas pattern of gingerbread men.  The neko hat will be part of a Gacha special coming out in a week or so.. check the Hippo shop for details.

I should have known, the Ice ball rezzer is created by Awor Blabbermouth, this Tiny is as maniac as Zayn. Having said that, These Ice balls are super fantastic and one H#ll of a ride.

Willow Creek Tiny Outfitters   check out Awen's winter wear!
Top of Mount Waffle -Dead Otter Gulch

Met up with friends, see pictures on flickr for a new trend in head gear!  to get one of your own, you'll have to track down Kazvou. Morton Wheels, Butter or Alara.

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