Friday, December 14, 2012

A delightful TINY find -

Elemental Motifs Shopping Village, Kakapo  ok come on now, tell me the name of the place isn't enough to make you smile.  The location is in Kakapo... had me smiling from ear to ear.  The place charming. I discovered it by accident.  I was searching for a gift for my sekret santa recipient and took to taking urls to places on friend's picks (the best way to find new and interesting places. Bingo, I landed right outside of a shop that had merchandise that I recognized.  Wow it was a HIPPO shop.  This made me take notice, HIPPO is a quality shop that always puts out new and amazing items.. Who else would I find.  Let me tell you the list of merchants here is the cream of the crop in the Tiny Red Carpet circle.
Winter had arrived, the lake is frozen over, but the birds still sing, and you can hear the happy sound of water bubbling under the ice and snow.  The court yard is designed to allow for an easy flow of traffic as you meander from shop to shop taking in all the colourful merchandise.  There is also a welcome area, where you will find some very nice pressies generously offered by the merchants. I picked up several of Clover's (Clover Denzo) outfits, they will be great for wearing to some of the holiday fun that will be happening over the next 3, 4 weeks.  Totally for da Boys  what a shop if you picked a boy Tiny in the Sekret Santa exhange.

Darkwych Designs                                  Arizona's Fashions
The Greenwood                                     Peeps Tinies
Steam Kitten                                         G Gs Designs
Pawsome Designs                                   MG Cupcakes for Tinies
Tiny Trotters                                         Temba's Gallery
Karma's                                                 Muzi!
Totally Tinies                                         Pretty Patty's
Panda Panda                                          Kayak's Kookies Tiny Stuff
and many many more, I wish I could list them all, give yourself a treat, explore this
Tiny oasis of shopping.
For more information on this little pearl of TINY creativity contact EMV ( Ingwaz.thor ), if she is not the right person, I'm sure she will forward your notecard.

If you still have not picked up your Sekret Santa ornament to find out who you should be shopping for, get over to Raglan's the tree STEVE and do so =^_^=  
The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort - Tiny fun :

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