Friday, November 30, 2012

Wootmas Winterlude gift shop

Hmmm sowwy, I stand corrected The Artisans Winterfest Chalet  after trying and hopelessly failing to find one  ONE hunt present at the North Pole, I returned to Raglan for a run down the slopes to burn off my frustration.  I'm terrible at finding the hunt prizes. Did any of you succeed?  Oh drat, I forget to get me the Free Winter boots AloToi told me about.  Dey for biggie, but I do go biggie at times.
I came in to warm up and WOW was I pleased to see some very nice winter wear and "stuff" inside.  I had seen the Tiny sleds and snow boards, dey are in here!  I got myself a new winter outfit(Edwardian Winter) from Etheria's (Danger Cat) shop  it consists of a fur coat, felt hat, leather boots and a lovely bow.  IF I ever take these skis off and walk around like a regular Tiny I'm going to wear my fur coat!
The wonderful Bunny hats you have all been seeing ar in here too, there is a one color version for 100L and one with a color changing hud for $200L Really well priced.
There is so much to pick from, come prepared to shop shop shop.  Oh nice, I see that there is a FREE Christmas Poncho outfit being offered in the shop from Alara Artis  look for it to the right of the window =^_^= very thoughtful pressie.
OMG Zayn arrived on the scene and for a moment everyone froze in a flash he was gone.  but not before I clicked and got him in his santa suit LOL  see Tiny santa in the corner, He fast bunnah that one!

Gots the critter - before he took off in an Ice Ball!  find out about the ice ball, click on the Ice Ball rezzer when at the top of Mount Waffle
Top of Mount Waffle  sorry if you are not a Tiny I don't know how you will fare
Zayn Till  Magistrate of Raglan Shire

PS, I met up with Boots Shamrock on the hills, he has some new Xmas furniture out just in time for the holidays,  Check it out. His shop is called Boots Dun it (wonder if he likes Brooks and Dun?) The Raglan Shire Wharf & Coastal Fort - Tiny fun :), Heron Shire

Here's looking at you as I speed past you on the hills... wicked laugh  -

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