Saturday, November 3, 2012

We dare you....

Here it is the MadPea Carneval,, what a hoot.  Tiny world you will have a great time ...
Here Q is stuck on a racetrack,  that really, what was she thinking.  She is not Blood,or that persnickity ferret who will go un-named but knows who he is..But then he would likely trip on his sock.  stuck in the deep underground,calling for Awen like a baby.  Meanwhile hot lava rock is pouring down to where she is.

Whew she made it out.  The threat of searing her new dress was the motivation.  btw.  Her new dress will be out in the shop sometime this week-end.  
That is if you can find her and show her how to get out of the sink hole she fell in.  MadPea Carneval  How many brave souls out there will take the dare!
Big person or TINY the attraction seems to work for both, except when she tried to hang herself.. LOL silly Roo I unfortunately didn't get a picture, thought you didn't need to see her big Roo rump.
Kangaroo Fashion boutique - RAGLAN
Kangaroo Fashion Main Store -TINY OUTPOST
Q is modeling the Wynx purple Kangaroo, Wynx avatars can be purchased in both Raglan and at the Tiny Outpost. WynxWorks

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