Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waffle Mountain

I was so excited at learning to ski.  ski instructor Morton Wheels is the best.
He had me going down the hills in style in no time.  The skis are out of this world.  I'm simply taken with this new sport.   Some added information.

The mountain we are skiing on is Mount Waffle, at the top of the mountain is a small gathering area with a fire  that is most welcoming with the bit of nip that is in the air.

MayCreations is the main shop for the wonderful hair and outfits, but I see this morning that the shop in Raglan is called Wild Bunneh's Gear  it is to the right of the path that takes you to other shops.    To the right of the path is Delight.

Mish Mish is the shop on the 2nd level . (Toys and clothes) over Wild Bunneh's Gear  The lift to the second level is just to the left and in front of Delight. Q's Kangaroo Fashion is the first shop on the right when you get off the elevator. 

Misa's shop.  Misa was one of the first designers to give us wild and wonderful hair.  Misa has delightful knit hats and bags,  Perfect for this time of year.  

LOL in fact we saw Bonita (Jewelry designer for Tinies) on the slops last night in one of Q's dresses, she had accessorized it with a hat and scarf, she looked warm and cozy.  Happily I even got to say hello to Shadow Marlin on the slopes.  It really is a gathering placre.  A place to get our social fix and for me it was a roaring good time, I just love going up and down that hill.  Dexterity.

I saw in the back of Misa's shop (Delight) that there is Blog Flickr SL group for shoppers and shopkeeperd to stay in touch, a group you might want to join. there are also textures there for you texture hounds.

Ok one more run down the slope for me. Have a good day everyone!

For the daring, this run is the JackRabbits Peril
link to shops at Tiny Outpost and Raglan are on the right.

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