Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time to go skating

That is one activity I loved, loved, loved.  Roller Skating, especially in California, along the beach in Venice.  don't know if that is still done, but it was a favourite pastime in years gone by.  Q went in search of snow for the photo shoot for the new outfit, Ice heaven (Kangaroo Fashion)
Skate & Date - Ice Skating, Skiing, Snowmobile, Romance,

Obviously it is aimed at the "biggie" world, but co-owner Shelly Belly is sometimes Tiny, so there are a few seating options there if you wants to go chill.  Most of us have our own Tiny skates, we have Tiny merchants in both Raglan and Tiny Outpost ... check it out, there is a roller skating rink there too.
Dress & hat will be on sale for the next few days @
 Kangaroo Fashion - main store 
 Kangaroo Fashion - Boutique
a few more pictures will be on flickr - link on right

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