Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Start of Wootmas

Raglan has had an early start to the Wootmas festivities (Month of December) there actually has been alot of acitivity of late, in both communities.  One of our staff was following up on a lead of activity at Kangaroo Fashion late last night, and saw that the Hippo shop had someone working in the backroom there well after closing time.  It is rumoured that there is going to be a special event during the early part of December.  The event is being organized by two Tinies.  It was like a covert operation LOL
lots of fun.  Who was this moving with great stealth in the shadows behind Kangaroo Fashion?  Guess we will have to wait to find out.
Today in Raglan we enjoyed the happy frolicking of the crowd on the slops.
Here are some of the pictures we got.. there will be more on flickr, link on the right of this page.
The skier is the very talented designer and owner of MayCreations mainstore (good selection of hair)  visited her shop today (in Raglan) actually to get a warm outfit for doing the slops myself.
There was a lot of activity there this afternoon.  this delightful fun goer looked very stylish (Lucky Manomiko)
There are lots of shops to browse, and shop, in both Raglan and Tiny Outpost.
Morton Wheels was on there this afternoon, everyone was having such a blast, that I'm determined to find some skies and give it a go.  See you on
the slops.
Raglan shire - top of the mountain overlooking skating rink
I is off to find skies
cC ski set for Tiny  $250L
Kangaroo Fashion Main Shop -Tiny Outpost
The Hippo Shop is across the square from Kangaroo Fashion (Tiny Outpost)

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