Friday, November 30, 2012

North Pole Village & Santa's Village

North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop ~ Christmas ~ Winter,  This is the time of year that we are all looking for activities to do that will keep us busy and not freeze our tush off. When you land at this location you will find a free pair of really nice winter boots. for the biggie in you.  There is also a  Santa's Elves Hunt.  12 holiday presents are waiting to be found, there is also more information at the landing, just click the poster. There is a lot to see, allow time for the area to rezz.  Best experience is music OFF and sound ON
Sigh, guess I'll have to send Q back here to shopl and hunt - scuse me ask her, there is no sending with Q. those of you who know her, know her persnickity personality, Tiny but huge in blinkity blank (can't say in family format)  Oh these tiny elves are sooo cute.
Mmmm maybe not ask Q to come, she'll be munching on the reindeer food, those carrots do look good. OMG if her bunneh friends come,  that Karma will be riding the reindeer all over the plaza.  LOL I do admit the Tinies would liven up the mood.  The Elves might strike and run off with the more mischievous of the Tiny.  They are hard to resist.
Many of these items are for sale, if you haven't finished your decorating yet, come check it out.  I'm off to find Q is  must be still running the slopes on Waffle Mountain in Raglan.  Have to remember to ask her if the snow has come to the Tiny Outpost yet.    She took me skating there last year.

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