Thursday, November 22, 2012

New to SL - need information?

Over the years I've been asked by new visitors to SL how they can find clothes for work, or parties that are more "realistic" for a more mature adult meeting with friends.  Or hair that will look good on me and is not so flamboyant?  There is a large population in SL that come into SL to work, to meet with colleagues and attend conferences.  Where and how do they find clothing and accessories suitable for a business/healthcare/corporate environment?

Back a few years, it was easy, we'd send them to Ivalde for clothes,and Enkythings for shoes.  Now, its a different story.  There are a lot of very talented designers out there, each putting out fabulous to out of this world designs, but to find day to day wear for a work environment, not so easy to find.  I would appreciate a note card giving me names of designers you may know that specialize or have an office wear department in their inventory.

Skins and Make-up... gets confusing  ..Question.. if i have a skin I like how can I keep it and dress up without changing who I am?  Answer, then see if the designer you like does makeups for his/her skins.  If not find a designer such as FacePaint, that only does makeups.  This way, you get to keep your identity and have a makeup for the various functions you want to attend.

Some of the better skin designers will have a basic skin with minimal makeup for most of their lines.(a prolific designer isn't always the best, look for quality, its your face)  What they  hope of course is that you will want to purchase their complete line of the "look" you like.  This works if you are a shopper or shape changer and are constantly looking for a new look.  But I know that there are many of you out there that simply want your face and hair so that you can get on with the business of life in SL.  

With mesh and sculpties I myself have found that designers are putting out clothes that not only do not fit our bodies properly because one of the other is not their specialty the fit and look are often cumbersome and not refined. The wise shopper will shop around and always try the demo if one is provided.  We the consumer have spent hours in some cases perfecting the look we want, the last thing we want is to buy an outfit we like and have to wear someone else's body to look good in the outfit.
I personally want clothes that fit me properly and have the style and fashion savy to look good and make me feel wonderful.  I want to know that when I attend a meeting or function, I am well tailored.  seams are straight, and the pieces flow on my body as they should.  My hair looks natural, and doesn't give me a made of wood look.  From your notecards, and comments you want the same.  A bargain isn't a bargain if you find out that the dress is lovely, but the shoes that came with it are mickey mouse, and the hair and jewelry look like they came from a grab bag.  Buyer be aware!
Our model today is wearing a dress from R.icielli - mesh Valentines Gorgeous mini dress with sequins.  This dress when you look at the back of it, even has the zipper sewn in. The dress came in various sizes, our model is wearing a medium.  Hair  is Felicity by CIC (Calico Ingmann Creations)

Shot on location Rodeo Grounds at Aero Pines park and Recreation pictures on flickr

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