Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New gal on Campus

We visited Ball State University Campus with a young model with hopes of going back to school next term.  We were going to search out the trends and styles on campus, but got there too early.  We landed in the wee hours SL time.  
Model is wearing a combination outfit, sweater and shoes are from Sexy Bish
from the Royal Bish outfit, the undergarment and the skirt are Graffitiwear - Goldenrod sleeveless sweater dress
Hair -  .::S::. Martina (Secrets Hair)
Earrings - Eluzion - Elanna
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky - red honey
The model is from Style by Kira- av  Julia - skin Olivia Harverst Exclusive
Fall is in the air, I read recently that  some viewers found that all women in SL look alike, I think the word used was "clone". That is so untrue.  We do strive to show you the latest skins and avatars by the various designers, but each and every user out there, develops his/her own "look/style"   That is the reason, this writer, uses different shapes with the skins. And at times will show you a skin with someone else's makeup..
This too is Olivia- and really the two looks are very different.  Both models in this instance are from -Style by Kira - Most designers will have a look that defines their style.  shop around, find the designers that "speak" to your lifestyle and show the YOU, you want to display.

Long Dash Studio will continue to be a "free agent".. we want to bring you
the many facets and faces of Second Life.  We will travel and explore the various communities and bring them to your screen.  Watch for the Diva near you....coming soon =^_^=

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