Monday, November 5, 2012

Kangaroo Fashion presents - Outer Space

Q took off on an other adventure, this time she visited Haven of Mermaids, for the outing, she used a lovely stained glass texture on a sateen fabric that is designed to endure activity in and out of water.  Hair is from Mau and Meu, we are sorry but due to the length of time it was in her inventory, we were unable to find the link.  The dress will be available in a few days.
There are a few more dresses being done, they will be in the Gatcha machine (15L)  in the back corner, or on sale in the regular vendors at full price. 125L
Have you seen the new dresses in the other two Gatcha machines?
There will be a lot of this and that being added in the shop between now and
the HoHoHo season.

Watch for the Hippo at the Raglan Fashion Show...she has been working her little fingers to the bone now for days on end.. can't wait to see her new releases.
Also if you've not discovered her shop yet, Bonita has opened her Bonita Tiny Jewelry shop 2 Tiny Outpost.  You got something special you wants... knock on her door ... she is a bling Hippo jewelry designer to the Tiny Divas and Fashionistas  

Kangaroo Fashion - Main Store -Tiny Outpost

Kangaroo Fashion - Boutique - Raglan

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