Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holidays are coming

With a cold nip to the air, and the first gusts of snow, we took ourselves to the Christmas Cards gifts & decorations @ Snuggles, Snuggles Christmas for the photo shoot on one of the Wootmas dresses for this season.  
A lot to take in, prices were very reasonable too.  I'd say it was mostly geared for the "biggie" market, but you can see from the pictures that we fit right in. =^_^=  We was very cute.  Q's hair piece is a hit, so it has been matched up with this dress to give that festive look that so important during the celebrations.
The dress is a bold Mexican print, gives a quilted look to the fabric.
Look for it in the Kangaroo shops this week-end.
Kangaroo Fashions - Tiny Outpost
Kangaroo Fashions -Boutique in Raglan

It is just a matter of time, Raglan and Tiny Outpost will be decked out for the winter fun that comes with December,  Raglan will have a huge mountain for winter sports, a rink for skating, don't miss the fun.  Be ready.  The merchants in both Tiny Outpost and Raglan have been working hard getting their holiday inventory ready for the shelves.
You saw from the recent fashion show that there is a ton of talent in the Tiny communities.  I myself just made a discovery of a Tiny designer, who has rocked my socks (grrr stay away from my sock ferret! )  Come on, get in here, look around, so much new and wonderful is happening.  Our favourites are here but so are many many new faces.. and what a talent they have.

Candy canes, mistletoe, Xmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, Zayn will be looking for ornaments again for "THE" tree, watch for his notice, Karma will be Santa's helper again this year for Sekret Santa exchange.  YOU haven't done Xmas till you've done it with the Tiny Community.  Do you love to sing, Tiny
carolers are renowned for the smiles they bring where ever and when ever  they perform.

The limo's provided will take you to Q's shops, from there you can visit and explore the communities. When in Raglan, check out Wynx Works for a Tiny avatar if you haven't got one yet. Or maybe this is the year, you will step outside the box and try a new one.=^_^=   Last but not least, remember to support Jazz Paws, a project near and dear to all Tiny hearts.

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