Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Harvest Moon

Have you ever been haunted by a song.  You hear the melody over and over, find yourself humming it, but don't know why.  It was over a week ago, in a store the song came over the airwaves, it obviously rang a bell for many other shoppers, we were all swaying and singing along.... finally I found it so that I could play it again to see why it was such a familiar song.  What would we do without Google.

The recording inspired this look.
I think part of the melancholy is that my love of fashion was inspired by the greats, the divas of a yesteryear it is not always easy to find these days.

Fashion, haute couture and Diva's were not just about the clothes, but about the story and the aura and mystic that the wearer brought to the clothes.
Just like there are a lot of good musicians out there, some are very technical, and make wonderful teachers.  Then there is the artist that takes the instrument and makes it his/her own, developing a style that you may or may not like, but you cannot deny it.  It vibrates and calls to something inside of you...    Listen when it does... ^^

Hair- Vanity Hair - Hlin Feux
Earrings - Fulo - Juliana
Shoes- Enkythings
Outfit - Mariella by Danielle
Skin/makeup - Amacci  Liane 
few more pictures on Flickr.

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